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Dear C. R.,

The best advice I can give you is to relax!!!! This is my 32nd year to do
inventory. I like it. I makes me feel orderly and in control of a little
corner of my world.


Remember this:

You are going to make mistakes. It's OK. No children will die, you will not
lose your hair, red flags and warning buzzers will not go off.


Realize teachers and students will suddenly believe they MUST use the
library as soon as you close it. 


Begin getting all the children's books in 10 days before school is out. Call
parents if they just can't remember to bring their books in. You are calling
to help the child, not to reprimand him.


Let teachers keep their materials they MUST have and check out materials to
them until the bitter end. It will be worth coming in an extra day to pacify


Tell your administrator that you will get your inventory in as soon as
possible, but you want to accommodate the faculty and you want an accurate
report. He will appreciate anything you can do to keep irritability down at
the end of school.


Your report will NEVER EVER be accurate. Things that are lost will show up
next year. Things you didn't know you had will mysteriously be on the shelf
with no bar code. Forgive yourself and the librarian before you. Hmm and the
one before that and the one before that.


Work hard. Do the best you can.  Go home. Rest over summer vacation. Come
back refreshed and determined to learn from your mistakes and to do better
next year. 


My husband gave some of the best advise I've ever had. He said: Your
teachers had much rather have a happy librarian who has a few things out of
place, than a grumpy librarian who has everything in perfect order.


Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Amy Blake Hearn

Milan High School


Milan, TN


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