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My original question concerned a list of "social bookmarking" sites and some
Requires registration? Free? Subscription for enhanced service? Requires
special plugin or toolbar? Can be shared, i.e. could direct students or
teachers to your list? Lists can be exported as a bookmark or favorites
list? Ever have any issues with your school's filter and accessing these
services? If you use more than one, which do like the best and why? Any
other information you would share?

While I didn't received any specific answers to my questions I did receive
two replys that were very helpful. I also found 4 articles I thought were
useful to me in understanding the phenomen. At this point I am going to
focus on using You can even visit my "social bookmark page" One question, from a teacher I showed
this to, is there a way to track how many people have looked at your social
bookmark page or gone to one of your links?

I have the hit in three parts, the articles, the 2 replies and the original
bookmark list.

4 articles I found useful;
For some educators, tagging is 'it' eschool news April 2006 or
In the New Game of Tag, All of Us Are it Newsweek April 18, 2005 p14
Bates, Mary Ellen Furl It! Online May/June 2005 p64
7 things you should know about social bookmarking EDUCAUSE or

2 posts from my original question (and both were extremely helpful I might
1. "Here is a page from my blog that might lead you into some other places.
The only site that I use consistently is Writely.  I can compose a word
document and access it anywhere at anytime.  And other folks can work on
a document with me.  Although I have not tried that yet.

Anyway - here are the article that you might find interesting.  I have
pulled together a lot if information.  There are links to 2 excellent
articles on the page.   The articles are called The Hive Mind:
Folksonomies & User-Based Tagging
& Community 2.0 By Ellyssa Kroski

2. You might find this page helpful ....

Don't miss the text link in the bottom right that says
"Social Bookmark This Page"
which lists lots of the options

Also on click on the "more" text link under
"(Social) Bookmarking" which links to at least one site that compares the
different options.

My original list
Pluck -
Wists It's part and part Flickr.

Deborah Stafford
Gen. H.H. Arnold High School
Wiesbaden, Germany

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