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Hi.  Thanks for your responses.  Those who get it seem glad they do.

It was the first professional book I bought when I started this job.  And that was 
true of my last 2 jobs.  I really like it, although it is not the only tool I use 
for selection and weeding.

It's my personal opinion, but I think this is an item whose time has passed.  I no 
longer invest in the Middle School version.  No time to check holdings/purchases 
against the "Bible".

I use it religiously by print or when searching Titlewave it is listed. If you use 
Titlewave by Follett you can search by Wilsons so if funds are limited you could do 
it that way. Would love to have online but can't afford it.

Hi, I bought the Children's Catalog. I had hesitated because of the price, but am 
so glad I bought it. I used the print version this last time. I'd moved to a long 
neglected library and did massive weeding. I used the Children's Catalog to help 
build the collection and have gotten lots of compliments about the quality and 
breadth of books. 

When I started in the district, I used the on-line version, but found myself 
printing off parts to use.

We use Children's Catalog constantly, and have both the print and the on-line 

Since I'm a MS/HS librarian, I get the MS and HS versions here. I wouldn't say that 
if it is once listed there it must be kept forever, but it IS a good selection 
tool. You might consider keeping the particular book that has a review of a title 
you have, but as far as weeding the actual books, something listed in a Wilson's 
catalog should be treated no differently than any other title. In other words, use 
your normal weeding criteria.

I got a new edition every 5 years or so. I do not use it for weeding purposes. I 
like to have something handy when somebody - especially teachers or parents -ask 
about certain books ro are looking for particular subjects. Occasionally for 

It was my bible also.  I had hardcopies, mostly because that was  what was 
available when I started purchasing it.  I do like writing in mine and would 
seriously consider continuing hardcopies.  It would be how you prefer to work if 
online is right for you.

I'm doing extensive weeding in my library and using Wilson's as my "Bible".  I'm 
beginning to see patterns of certain authors that meet their criteria -- especially 
in non fiction and I don't always agree.  So I'm being very careful of purchases 
that I make in Non fiction as recommended by Wilson's.  I find them very 
traditional.  But I also find them an excellent resource.  I haven't tried the 
on-line version.  Somehow I like a copy in my hands.  When I get through this 
weeding process, then I may not renew my subscription.  It is expensive.  Hope this 

I would definitely use the Wilson's Children's Catalog to stay up-to-date when 
weeding.  I used the Children's, Middle School, and High School Catalogs when I 
weeded our 5-12 grade library (and I even had a Public Library Catalog because we 
used a lot of materials that weren't normally found in public school programs at 
the high school level).  Using all of the catalogs helped me to make decisions 
about the materials that I needed to weed AND it allowed me to find titles that I 
didn't have but needed to order.

I was happy to find that many of the book titles that I had purchased a couple of 
years earlier ended up in the Wilson Catalogs as their suggested "mainstays" within 
the collection, so I felt I had done a great job in collection development----and 
with the catalogs, I knew that I was doing a great job in weeding out the 

I'd highly suggest purchasing one for this type of ongoing project within any 
school library!  It helps to guide you if you're in a one-person library and it 
gives you the confidence to know that your decisions are supported by professional 
standards used around the nation.

I use it in my elementary schools.  It's a great tool.  Very helpful 
when you have to do two libraries, like I do.

Bettina Tripp
Library Media Specialist
Frank J. Carasiti Elementary
Rocky Point School District
Rocky Point, NY  11787
631-744-1600 x2210

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