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Thanks to all who responded to my request for opinions.  Quite a few
people replied that they also received unsolicited materials, probably
as a result of mailing lists being sold or something similar, and quite
a few have also had "help" in one form or another with materials


My response would probably be different if I were going to have to deal
with the principal or the secretary more than a little longer, so my
request was a little theoretical, and I'm leaving it alone.  Many of you
expressed the opinion that you would leave it alone unless something
similar happened again, and most of you said that you would document it.
Thinking back over nearly thirty years worth of jobs, there were other
things I would have documented along the way if I was starting again.  I
think in many cases it's unfortunate that you have to think ahead about
what might happen and how you might protect yourself, and then be glad
if you don't need to.


Another suggestion that might be helpful to people was inclusion of a
page in your selection policy regarding unsolicited material or
purchased materials that later prove to be inappropriate.  Also, it was
suggested that I give the principal a copy of the PO for magazines so
that he could see that those being purchased are appropriate, and that
Star wasn't on that list.  And, a number of you pointed out that
technically it's illegal for the secretary to confiscate mail addressed
to me in the first place, and at the very least presumptuous.  A site
suggested when composing a selection policy was


I also got a lot of funny outrageous (and maddening) experiences with
administrators.  I had one in a public library who was a stockbroker and
had a nervous breakdown, then was advised by his therapist to become a
library administrator because it would be a quiet, stress-free
profession.  Of course, his office was nowhere near the patrons, and his
secretary was like a guard-dog, so maybe it was.  Another one sat in her
office zipped in a sleeping bag most of the day with her head on her
desk.  Hang in there!


P.S.  Guess what appeared in the library mail today-two issues of Star!
Guess they decided that I was smart enough not to put them out for the
kids.  (Do you know how Naomi Campbell hid her handcuffs when she was
arrested for striking one of her four housekeepers in the head with a
Swarovski Crystal-encrusted Blackberry?)


Kathy Ofsharick

Blue Ridge Elementary

New Milford, PA   18834


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