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One of my teachers is looking for a copy of a fable that he heard once upon a time. 
He doesn't know the title and he thinks it is a Chinese fable but isn't sure - he 
is sure that it originates from an Asian country

The gist of the fable is that there is a couple who lives in the shadow of a 
mountain. The mountain keeps dropping rocks through their roof making holes that 
they have to patch. The couple goes to a wise man to find out what they can do to 
stop the rocks from making holes in their roof. The wise man tells them to take 
their house apart stick by stick and carry it in their arms to the top of the 
mountain. Once there they are to do a special dance that he shows them. The couple 
does as he tells them and the mountain moves. The couple not only no longer has 
holes in their roof but their crops begin to grow as they now have consistent 
sunshine and rain. Moral being that hard work results in good things.

If anyone knows the title of this fable, its author, and/or where I could get a 
hold of a copy, please e-mail the info to me off-list. Thanks for your help.

Renee Choe-Winter
Media Specialist
Benton Community MS/HS 

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