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Thank you to all those who have responded to my query so far...Below are
the responses I received. I will post another HIT if I get any other

Thanks again!  : )

Kimberly Rose
Star Lake Elementary
Kent, WA

Go to the Accreditation page for our region of the country and see what it
says there; they have some specific numbers.

Libraries are section IV.
According to "Standards for School Library Media Programs in Maryland" the
recommendations are as follows:

<200:          0.5
200-799:    1.0
800-1199:    1.5
1200+ (elem.) 2.0
1200-1599:    2.0
1600-1999:    2.5
2000+:            3.0
I don't know if there is a specific number out there somewhere but, in our
district, when an elementary school hits around 700, they get a 2nd
full-time librarian.  Hope this helps!
I know the statistic here where I am. That is 1 librarian to 1000 students
in the academy (K3- 12th) and 50 students in the Bible Institute.  I also
have one 1/2 time Library tech.  
School Library Journal might have stats on this topic.  
You can look at to get idea about
librarian-student ratio. But since I work for a large city school
district, my ratio is 1:1750 (one librarian, 1750  students + 206 faculty
members) in a high school.
When I worked in NY State the guideline was one librarian per 1000
Schools have to be accredited. I don't know where your area of the country
reports to, but here in Florida it's Southern Association of Colleges and
Schools, They have  guidelines districts have to follow be certified and
This is the URL for suggested numbers in Missouri.  It's not a
requirement....just a recommendation.
My professors in graduate school used to say that a good rule of thumb is
one librarian for every 1000 students. I don't know where the
research came from. I hope this is helpful.

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