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  This is not just a rant (I have had others prior to this) but I am perplexed. 
This is my first year in a private school library. It is just that priorities seem 
to be so different. I was brought in with a goal to automate the catalog, weed 
thousands of books sitting on boxes to make the library looklike one, and i keep 
meeting resistance now- I need to be able to do library tasks, but they do not 
understand that I need an aide at times. OK, not just the fact that I have a cane 
and am recovering from a broken ankle right now, I still need help shelving and 
weeding and all those library things that people do not think we do. OK, this is 
turning into a rant. 
  Maybe I have my goals set too high and we do not have the financial base to have 
all that neighboring private school libraries have, but honestly- we aren't even 
mentioned on the web page. It isn't considered a marketable tool - ???
  The headmaster has plans to move this to another space, but he showed me once, 
and then nothing. I feel out of the loop on major decisions that impact the 
library. That impact what I purchase! I never make it to lunch, I am treated like a 
babysitter sometimes - they want the library to be a quiet serious place to study, 
but then I get romper room and myspace time when they come in after lunch and 
before classes resume. I am trying to eat, but then I have to keep refereeing the 
social time. Locking doors didn't help- they find ways to get in like it is a 
  Rant over,
  Anyone with a private school library who can relate- help!!!! 
  Kim Thatcher

Director of Information Center
Dept. of World Languages
The Knox School
541 Long Beach Rd.
Saint James, NY 11780
alt. e-mail:

He who has a garden and a library, wants for nothing- Cicero 
Dogs have masters, cats have staff- Sneaky Pie Brown
Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


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