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Hi everyone,

Thanks to the 20 people who sent me titles. I checked several of them out of the 
public library yesterday. Here is the list of titles I received. I put them in 
that I hope survive through the posting process.

Alexander, Sturgis                 Danís Angel
Anholt, Laurence                  Camille and the Sunflowers
Anholt, Laurence                  Degas and the Little Dancer
Anholt, Laurence                  Leonardo and the Flying Boy
Anholt, Laurence                  Picasso and the Girl with a Ponytail
Anholt, Laurence                  Magical Garden of Claude  Monet
Auch, Mary Jane                    Eggs Mark The Spot 
Bjork Christina                      Linnea in Monet's Garden 
Blizzard, Gladys                     Come Look With Me
Brown Marc, Lauren               Visiting The Art Museum
Browne, Anthony              The Shape Game
Browne, Anthony               Willyís Picture
Brunhoff, Laurent de             Babar's Museum of Art 
Civardi                                  Myths & Legends
Clayton, Elaine                       Emma's Trip to the Museum 
Deeter, Catherine                     Seymour Bleu
Dodson, Emma                      Badly Drawn Dog 
Falconer, Ian                        Olivia
Hewitt, Kathryn                      King Midas & Golden Touch 
Hooper, Meredith                   Dogs' Night 
Hunt, Jonathan                       Illuminations
Hurd Thacher                         Art Dog
Isadora, Rachel                      1 2 3 Pop
Khalsa                                   I Want a Dog
Laden, Nina                           When Pigasso met Mootisse 
Mayhew, James                      "Katie" books, Mona Lisa, etc. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art   Museum 1 2 3
Micklethwait, Lucy                   A Childís Book of Art
Raczka, Bob                             No One Saw: Ordinary things . . .
Raczka, Bob                             Unlikely Pairs: Fun with famous works of art
Ross, Tom                                Eggbert, the slightly cracked egg 
Rylant, Cythia                          Van Gogh Cafť
Scieszka,Jon                            Seen Art?
Stanley, Diane                        The Gentleman & the Kitchen Maid
Tang, Greg                                Math-terpieces : the art of 
Swain, Sally                              Once Upon a Picture 
Weitzman                                       You Canít Take a Balloon into . . 
Wilkinson, Phillip                      The Art Gallery: Faces
Wilkinson, Phillip                       The Art Gallery: Stories
Wolfe, Gillian                              Look! : zoom in on art
Wong, Jeanyee                          Letter Art
Yorinks, Arthur                         The Alphabet Atlas

Erin McQuiston, LMS
Grimshaw Elementary School
5957 Route 20 West
LaFayette, NY  13084
315-677-3152 ext. 202 

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