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Hello everyone!

Recently I posted a vent about losing out on jobs because I wasn't "bubbly" (Quote 
from admin) and I was overwhelmed with responses.  I've been asked to post a HIT by 
some people who are also looking for jobs.

I had over 80 supportive and kind responses so it's impossible to include them all. 
 The post important thing I learned was that it's most important to just be 
yourself.  A couple of people wrote and told me that they LOST jobs for being 
bubbly; they were told that they seemed fake.  Ouch! So it all comes down to what a 
particular school is looking for.  If you are naturally more reserved, like me, 
some schools will appreciate that, while others won't.  And vice versa.

I will post two responses that I think will serve us all well.  The first just made 
me laugh out loud.  You noncarbonated people will like it.

"Bubbles- they don't last very long, do they- nor do
they have any real direction, blown hither and yon by
even the slightest gust of air, and once they pop, the
most they leave behind is a slightly slimy residue-"

And the more serious one that will help anyone looking for a job:

"Now, to give you suggestions-don't worry about being a fake--that doesn't
matter because you are enthusiastic about getting that job so let it show
through--you will feel uncomfortable at first but just go with it.
When you are asked about your accomplishments have an enthusiastic reply.
Practice this today, "Oh yes the children were very excited about this
project, they worked together, they read books, it was great fun for us
Blah blah blah--happy happy happy--just do it.  It's got to be true if you
have accomplishments and you work with kids it can't be fake--you just
haven't had a cheerleader nearby to give you the confidence.
If I had to hire someone for our school I would absolutely be looking at
their personality.  We work with the people all day long, who wants to work
with someone that doesn't seem enthusiastic, that seems reserved and
unapproachable--  this may not be the way you see yourself but some how that
is what they are reading.
In working and communicating with people I have learned that it doesn't
really matter what I had intended to convey--what is important is what that
person understood or feels about my words. (like in relationships)
Also the history at the place you are trying to get a job--they may have had
a real grouch with problems communicating with coworkers so they are trying
really hard to avoid that now."

Thanks again to all of you for being a great support system.  :-)


Molly Clark
Intermediate Librarian
Michael Maroun Elementary School
Phoenix, NY

"What a school thinks about its library, is a measure of what it thinks 
about education."  Harold Howe, former U.S. Commissioner of Education

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