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I had many requests to post a hit regarding Moodle. It is similar to Blackboard, in 
that it is an online learning environment, where teachers can place assignments, 
quizzes, PowerPoints, chat, blog, etc. with students.

I'm still learning more and look forward to talking with the staff that attended 
the A.P. Training.

I've posted some of the responses. Many were very similar. I thank all who 


Moodle is open source software. Moodle is an online learning/teaching environment 
much like Blackboard. I have used Moodle effectively and know others who have as 
well. Many districts use Moodle as a cost effective tool for learning/teaching.
Hi our Librarian has forwarded your email message about Moodle to me.

We have a Moodle at our school and love it. You can find out what it is 
and how to set it up and even how to use it at

It is an open-source solution to on line learning. It's free and well 
maintained (updated). I consider ours a great addition to each 
teachers' classroom, and the library.  It has intranet features as well 
as internet features. It allows for quizzes, lessons, blogging, flash, 
podcasting, webpages, links to files, It can be very private or public. 
It can include messaging (like IM) or not, each feature is customizable 
to your schools needs. We have homework assignments posted and passed 
in via the Moodle,  some teachers keep their grades with the moodle 
their so students have access 24/7. It keeps logs of who does what when 
and where. It is great!

You are welcome to visit ours, we are mainly an Apple school but the 
Moodle is platform independent. It can be set up an just about any type 
of computer. It does not need a server, it does it's own backups. It's 
a tech coordinators dream come true. It can be accessed with any web 
browser connected to the internet. I hope you find it as useful as we 
Our use of Blackboard is growing (similar programs). 

Some teachers do use it in lieu of a teacher webpage. The beauty of program
such as Moodle (and Blackboard) is that you can decide what items will be
available for "guest" view and which will be available only through a username
and password. This allows things like discussion boards and assignment
submissions to remain private. 

It does take some training, but much of it is intuitive once you've mastered a few 
basic skills
On this page
you will see a list of different learning platforms (inc. Moodle)
Click on the [Moodle] link and you'll find links to examples and info and help ...
Includes an audio interview with the guy who started Moodle ... a useful (easy) 
If you do a HIT then feel free to mention this.
P.S. Also have a library page at
Have fun
I was just looking at the handouts for the NECC 2006 conference, and saw 
that there was a presentation on Moodle which had handouts and a link to 
Teaching with Moodle --

Moodle was a big thing at the NECC 2005 conference, and, apparently in 2006 
If you go to the program search, put in moodle, and you'll see 16 sessions.

You'll be able to see descriptions and, if they are posted, download the 
We tried it in my school district and even the tech-saavy ones like myself found it 
not user friendly.  We have now gone to Contribute.  It is much easier for the 
novice to use.  I am still frustrated by it and prefer to continue using html and 
other scripts, but at least half of my staff now has been able to post their own 
web pages and easily and frequently edit and update.  Unless Moodle has vastly 
improved, this will not be the case for your teachers.
Try this link to ALL of the moodle sites. If you took the moodle shortcut from our 
webpage, you could not get to all of the sites. Go to Professional Staff 
Development and then pick "Let's Moodle." Just click on Sign in as a guest and 
there is the tour. Questions about moodle can go to (but he is 
a 10 month employee and you may not get a reply in July unless he is teaching a 

Adam Janowski
Library Media Specialist
Naples High School
1100 Golden Eagle Circle
Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-377-2210
Fax: 239-377-2370
Library web site:
School web site:

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