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I have given a lot to the posting below and it asks a really good question.
I don't know what the definition of "bubbly" is either, so I'm afraid I
can't help with that.  It does raise a question about the relationship
between personality characteristics and personal professional strengths (or
dispositions).  Do you have to be a out-there, out-going, over-the-top
person in order to be a good school librarian?    I don't know, and
although my first reaction is to say "no, of course not", I have to come
back with a big BUT......

I have watched videotapes of my school librarians=to=be telling stories and
teaching information-skills, and I have also watched lots of booktalks live
and on-tape to students and adults.  And, yes, I have counseled some
reserved and quiet librarians that they needed to adopt another personae
when performing...that no matter how well prepared they are, if they sound
like a teacher doing a booktalk it won't go over nearly as well as if they
sound like a friend who has just fallen in love with the bestest book.   I
have a student who told her first story....something about porcupining for
a wife, and she broke into bad country music every time the porcupine sang
his sad song.   It would not have been as good if she had slowly read it
with expression, no matter how great her expression is.

It bothers me somehow to say that you don't have to be bubbly, but you have
to act bubbly.   (of course, not knowing what bubbly is).  I don't
know...but this one I am going to have to think more about.


Gail K. Dickinson, PhD
249-6 Dept of Educational Curriculum and Instruction
Darden College of Education
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529

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Date:    Fri, 28 Jul 2006 19:08:46 -0400
From:    Molly Clark <mclark2@PHOENIX.K12.NY.US>
Subject: Vent

Hi everyone,

I just need to vent a little.  Feel free to hit the delete key. =20

I've been told for the second time this summer that I am not getting a job
because I am not "bubbly" enough.

I'm told that my qualifications and experience are great - the only thing =
that kept me from the job was that I was too low key.  Not bubbly.  Yes, =
the word bubbly was used.   "We're sure you must have that passion and =
zeal based on your accomplishments, it just didn't come through in the =
interview"  "You are very low key, not positive or bubbly."

I call it professional.  I did smile and make them laugh.  But no, no one =
would call me bubbly.  I am the only librarian in the county to join Batle
of the Books, my license plate says READ2M, but that apparently does not =
indicate enthusiasm.

To be honest, I am "Not completly out of the running" for the second job, =
but they have decided to look at some more candidates for the reasons =
stated above.  I am so sad right now.  I am a great librarian, even in a =
less than ideal situation.  My teachers and kids love me.  Parents love =
me.  I feel guilty about wanting to leave them, but I want to be closer to
home.  And of course, now I am questioning everything I thought I had =
accomplished.  Maybe I'm not as good as I think I am?

How many of you would call yourselves "Bubbly?" (or at least not be =
surprised if someone else did?) Just curious.

Thanks for letting me vent.  No need to respond, I just needed a large =
shoulder to cry on for a minute.  I feel better now.

I'll just have to make sure my Battle of the Books team kicks butt this =
year ....  if any bubbly school dares challenge us.  :-)


Molly Clark
Intermediate Librarian
Michael Maroun Elementary School
Phoenix, NY

"What a school thinks about its library, is a measure of what it thinks=20
about education."  Harold Howe, former U.S. Commissioner of Education


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