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I too am more reserved.  I hate putting on that "fake smile" that is so popular.  I 
hate it just as much when people use that fake smile on me.  It is 
game-playing--and I am not a great player.  But that doesn't mean I am not 
enthusiastic  or interesting or well-educated or well-qualified or don't love my 
job, because I do.  I am, by nature, a quiet, reserved person most of the time who 
"lives in my head."   Which is not to imply that I don't have anything to say; I 
just usually manage to say the 'wrong' thing in a school where who you are and who 
you know defines you. 

But every class period I am in the hall saying hello to the kids etc.  Goodness, 
what do they ( admin) want?  
  Ex.   A  local junior college set up in my library (short notice) to register 
kids for summer college credit.  Because I greeted them and then left them alone 
and did not wait on them hand and foot, the people from the Jr.Col. told my 
superintendent that I didn't want them there.  
Hello?!?  I didn't know I was supposed to do anything other than provide space for 
them to set up. If my principal had asked me to do something I would have been 
happy to.
  Not bubbly.  No I did not gush over them and tell them 15 times that I was so 
glad they were there etc.  But I was polite.  Besides they were supposed to know 
what they were doing, not me.   
  Oh well---in-service starts next week---I better practice getting my "bubbly, 
smiley game face" on.
  T. Porter

On 8/2/06, Juliann T. Moskowtiz wrote:
> I happen to be one of those librarians that is more reserved. I am 
not one
> of those people that is always smiley, so I try to make an effort to 
> more because that is what is expected. However,what bothers me most 
> peoples' criticism of one's personality is, do they ever say these 
> to
> men? Are men supposed to be bubbly? Are men supposed to smile all the
> time.
> I really feel on some level these comments are sexist.
> ************************
> Juliann T. Moskowitz
> Library Media Specialist
> Norwalk High School
> Norwalk, CT 06851
> > It bothers me somehow to say that you don't have to be bubbly, but 
> > have
> > to act bubbly. (of course, not knowing what bubbly is). I don't
> > know...but this one I am going to have to think more about.
> >
> > gkd
> >
> > Gail K. Dickinson, PhD
> > 249-6 Dept of Educational Curriculum and Instruction
> > Darden College of Education
> > Old Dominion University
> > Norfolk, VA 23529
> >
> > 757-683-6683

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