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I just have to share this. I bought Chris Crutcher's latest book Deadline and took 
it with me to my son's house in suburban Philadelphia. I just loved the book and 
comment to my 12th grade grandaughter that I knew one thing I was getting her for 
Christmas-- that book. We went out for a while and when I returned she told me that 
I couldn't get her the book because she was half way through it and then stayed up 
to the wee hours of the morning to finish it. The book hasn't been on my shelves 
since Oct as one kid finished it and returns with a friend to check it out! 
  I know that some of the review said that Crutcher tries to fit too many issues 
into the book and if you list them--death and dying,keeping secrets what is the 
meaning of love, abuse child and s**, sports, parenting issues and religion it does 
seem that way but not when you are reading the book. It just all comes together. It 
would make a great book club discussion. The story is a boy who has a fatal disease 
and decides not to tell anyone ( he is over 18 so the doctors have to agree) so 
that he can live his last year the way he wants. In his dreams he has conversations 
with "Hey-seus"- he can't decide if this is a part of his inner self or something 
greater- One conversation  concerns who you know if you are in love. The answer is 
that you are a better human being because that person is in your life and vice 
versa. When Ben asks what about if you feel s**ually attracted to someone else, 
Hey- seus replies " Don't change the subject, we were talking about love"
  By the way the coach here is the protagonist from "Running Loose"  Check out the 
reviews on Amazon for people who say this much better than I. This is a YA book for 
older teens and adults. Caveat it contain some of Crutcher's usual language if this 
is a problem for your customers.  Just a great read, If I can get my hands on it, I 
will read it again. Darlene

Darlene Yasick
Media Specialist
Hopkins (MI) High School

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