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Darlene, you make an interesting point. Perhaps this is the very reason that 
charters are often lumped in with private schools in people's minds. I totally 
agree about the parent factor. When parents are concerned enough to pay for school 
or go out of their way to find a school they feel  is appropriate for their child 
and make sure the child gets transported to that school, they are the kind of 
parents who are going to be more involved in a child's education. That has a great 
positive effect on the success of the child, in my opinion. I have believed for a 
long time that it is as much, maybe more, about attitude and family support and 
expectation as it is about the particular school a child attends.

Marsha ReddLibrarian, Kelloggsville High School Grand Rapids, MI 
marsharedd@hotmail.comEducation is not a goal; it is a life-long process. Everyone 
is a student. Everyone is a teacher.

> Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 10:39:02 -0800
> From:
> Subject: Re: [LM_NET] Charter School Library Budget or Account Quiestion
> There was an interesting letter to the editor in our local paper today which I 
>think has a bearing on the " if we could pick our student's issue" The writer was 
>commenting on a column by Leonard Pitts "Charter schools expect students to do 
>well , and the do"  The writer of the letter pointed out that the one thing that 
>Pitts missed in his column was the parent factor. He suggested that it was more 
>likely that parents who had moved their kids to charter ( or private ) school were 
>more likely as a whole to value education and be involved in their child's 
>education. Not to say that their aren't parents whose kids are in public schools 
>who are concerend and interested but that as a percentage you would be likely to 
>find more of this type of parent in a "chosen" school setting ( my interpretation) 
>We all know how important parent involvement is, how the kids who need it most 
>have the least and I think that the letter writers take my help us to understand 
>why we feel that these schools get to pick and choose-- in this respect they do. 
> Darlene Yasick
> Media Specialist
> Hopkins (MI) High School
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