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Thank you to all who replied to my request. It helps
so much to have everyone out there who is willing to
respond to me! My original post was: 

Good morning. A quick question for those of you who
use the program Type to Learn, Jr. in your schools. I
have been using this program the last 3 weeks in my
computer lab. We have the OS9 version and I'm
wondering what I can do with it after my kids complete
the learning center and play the 3 games. I have a few
students that have gone through the levels & played
the games - is it that short of a program or am I
missing something? We are planning on upgrading to the
OS10 version, but I would like to know if it is worth
it. Please reply off-list to

I used TTLJr. for years in my other school. What
grades are using it, and how long do they spend at it?
The program is best for K-2, maybe early 3, but I know
kids of any age can zip through the lessons in no time
with one finger. I would spend 10 or 15 minutes on it,
assigning the lesson, telling them they had to do each
level twice and trying to make sure they were making
some effort at correct finger placement. Had my
schedule been different, I would have liked them to do
10 minutes every day or every other day. They had the
most fun with the rabbit lesson, and worked hardest
with the elephant which gets more into real
keyboarding skills.

I use TTL Jr as a beginning program too, but it is, as
you found out
LIMITED.  I rather use Dance Mat typing ... I put a
link up on
under keyboarding and some of my students practice at
I don't like TTL Jr because you can really use any
finger to do any of
the games. I finish it and go to the first 5 lessons
of TTL 3.

It is quite possible for TTL Jr. to be completed in 3
weeks, depending
how many class periods per week the students use it. 
My students
complete it by the end of the first trimester, working
on it only about
minutes per week.  What you are expected to do after
finishing it is to
on to the two successor programs, Type to Learn Jr. -
New Keys, and
Type to Learn 3.  It takes about three years to
complete all three, 
depending upon how many lessons you require in New
Keys.  This program
three types of lessons, one focusing on letter keys,
one on number
 keys, and 
one on symbol keys.  I require 10 of each, but so far
as I can see, you
continue with this program forever without "finishing"
it.  The last 
program, TTL3, has 25 separate lessons before it is

Rather than upgrading the program, I would buy the
sequels to use with

Have you tried covering their hands?

It's that short of a program.  I use it with my 1st
graders some where between once every 4-6 weeks (with
the students simply repeating the lessons).  In 2nd
grade when we do typing I do it with TTL, which is a
big jump up.  For that reason, we don't start to have
performance standards until 3rd grade.

Denise Lynch, LMS
USD #407
Simpson & Bickerdyke Elementary
348 N. Maple
Russell, KS 67665

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