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I need your help - ASAP - I have an opportunity to discuss the following  
with our Technology Director for the District, so it may  impact other media 
centers besides mine - we are all of varying sizes &  have varied configurations 
regarding technology.
- elementary
- fixed schedules (I teach 26 classes of 3rd - 5th for 30/min/week =  ~780 
- at least 1/3 to 1/2 of curriculum should be teaching & collaborting  on 
- I have no access (they are booked up by classroom teachers) to the  
computer lab (some schools do/some don't)
- I have 4 desktop computers + 1 teaching computer to use & have  wrestled 4 
- 6 very old laptops for media
--> groups of 4 -5 students at a computer to apply  & practice what I model 
during media class
- infrequent access to some laptops where students often need to share  & 
take time to set up (I only have 20 - 22 minutes for a class)
Goal: there is a possibly of funneling some surplus computers to the media  
center(s) OR they may go to classroom teachers who already have a teaching  
computer in their room & 1 hour of computer lab time/week with each student  
having access to their own computer
I need to make convincing points on this issue - to bring more computers  
into the media center for purposes of student use in research - please direct  
comments/help to me off the list serve
Please respect my position and do not discuss your opinions of THIS  
situation on the listserv as I am proactive and need to move forward on this  issue 
not dwell on the negative AND I would like this to stay within this  community 
and not go beyond it's borders.
Susan Boulka, Media Specialist
Andover Elementary School
14950  Hanson Blvd. NW
Andover, MN 55304
"Books fall open, you fall in." - David  McCord

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