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This is working well - thought I'd share.


The cards referred to below were made by cutting apart an  old Caldecott poster 
from my Permabound distributor.  I pasted the individual book images onto old 
card-catalog cards and laminated them to be used for a variety of activities.  
Sometimes, I have students use vis-a-vis markers to write their guesses, or if 
they've already learned how to use the catalog -   the call number for these books. 


Second Grade lesson

Objectives -  Students will be introduced to more Caldecott Medal winners.  
Students will be introduced to the use of the computer catalog to find "address) 
information about books.

Procedures  -    After 15-20 minutes or when most students are finished checking 
out, have students move to rug.  Hand out Caldecott cards.  After a minute or two 
of reading their own card and peeking at neighbors, ask students to describe what 
is on these cards.  (A: They each show one of  the Caldecott gold medal-winning 
books from about the past 70 years.)  Point out that the illustrator, the year of 
the award, and the author (adaptor/reteller) names are given.  Review from last 
week that the address of the book or the book's call number comes in part from the 
author's last name.  Have students make a silent guess about their book's call 
number.   Then have students gather around catalog station and use some of the 
titles as examples for books we might like to find on the shelves.  Model how we 
type in the title (skipping initial articles, sometimes abbreviating to one or two 
words i.e. "be lazy", not capitalizing) and seeing if we have the book.  Explain 
what 0/1 or 1/1 means for availability and how to use the information given by the 
catalog.  For some, read the summaries.    Tell students that in upcoming weeks, 
they will be learning more about how to find books in our library by using the 

Marcia Dressel, K-5 Librarian
Osceola Elementary and Intermediate Schools
Osceola, WI <> 

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