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At 20:42:42 2/19/2007, Linda Lucke <llucke@D70.K12.IL.US> wrote:
>Date:    Mon, 19 Feb 2007 20:42:42 -0600
>From:    Linda Lucke <llucke@D70.K12.IL.US>
>Subject: Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision info
>Hi all,
>     A little while ago there was some discussion on the listserv about
>those states in which teachers cannot draw their own or their spouses
>Social Security - even if they have paid into the fund - because they
>are in a private pension plan, such as the Teacher's Retirement System,
>and legislation was passed which prevents their being able to claim SS
>benefits.  This type of legislation is in place in 15 states:

Thanks for bringing this up, Linda. It's an on-going issue of 
importance to all educators and a range of other government employees.

Just to clarify one thing, though: it's not that these 15 states have 
legislation that creates the pension inequity; federal legislation 
(passed in the 1980s) created problem because these states had 
retirement systems that pre-dated the existence of Social Security.

The federal legislation to which you refer has a greater chance of 
being passed with new leadership in Congress.

Information about their status can be found on the websites of both 
of the major education unions:

NEA - (has the latest 
bill information and links to current sponsors -- always good to 
thank your legislator if he/she is a co-sponsor)
AFT - (the 
AFT information is a bit dated but has a good summary of the issues involved)

Take care,

John Lindner
2nd/3rd Grade Teacher
Santa Teresa Elementary School
San Jose, California - 

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