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Hello All-

Several people have written in to the listserve in outrage about the NY
Times quoting members postings without permission and in violation of
copyright protection.

I want to re-post a message that I posted on this listserve on October 17,

This past week I had a personal look at the implications of posting an
opinion on this listserv. I had posted several comments in Sept. about
the availability of the Starr Report on school computer systems with
filters. I later posted a link to an article about how on the same day
the release of that report was voted on in the House, they also voted on
legislation requiring Internet filters for schools and libraries getting
E Rate funds.

Last week a writer from American Libraries( the ALA magazine) contacted
me for permission to use a quote from this listserv and also to
interview me further for her article on filters. I consented. On
Thursday I received a copy of ESchool News,a national newspaper about
technology. I usually don't have time to read it in depth before tossing
it but a front page article captured my attention. It was about the
Internet release of the Starr Report and schools. I read the article and
was shocked to find my LM_NET quote with my name and school listed. My
school website was also listed. The by-line stated that sources were
gathered from staff and wire reports and other sources in it were
attributed to newspaper articles.

The ALA writer assured me that this was not her work so I can only
assume that the ESchool staff monitors posts on this listserv. I am
thankful that my little quip didn't make me look stupid but it would
have been nice if someone at ESchool had informed that they were using
my name.

The moral of this story: be careful what you post on this listserv, it
may come back to bite you.

At the time Peter and I both contacted the editor of Eschool News but
neither of us received an answer. Shortly thereafter Peter added the
information about postings being copyright protected.


Josephine Dervan, Library Media Specialist
Strathmore School
Aberdeen, NJ

He who has a garden and a library, wants for nothing- Cicero

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