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Hello all, Having commented in the NYT's and trying to survive the
aftermath... I have been sitting on the side lines watching all the
comments, judgments, condemnations fly and I feel the need to respond to
just a few.  Many many comments (mostly on my personal email, but a
little here too)  refer to my saying "you will not find male genitalia
in quality literature." If all of you are reading online, please scroll
down one more click, where it clarifies "In children's literature." I
have had so many responses about how amazing it is that  I don't
consider Shakespeare, Hemingway, John Steinbeck, on and on and on... 
quality literature, before people even finish reading the article
itself. Please, I'm only referring to elementary.

Also, to be included in an article about book banning automatically
makes people assume that I do that. I told the NYT's reported that the
book would be in my library.  

Also some people have worried that The NYT's is monitoring our
listserv. I do not believe they are. Publishers' Weekly is and they
called and ask me for an interview because I posted a hit of my
responses. I believe the NYT's read their article, the reported asked
about the listserv and indicated to me that she did not have access. 

I know you are all intelligent people, you are librarians, it's an
amazing job and takes a lot of education, reading, organization  and
common sense to get there. Let's assume the best of each other rather
than the worst. 

I just talked with SLJ, they are publishing an article soon too.
Hopefully that one will be fuller, more well rounded and balanced. There
is a lot of misinformation out there and a LOT of people jumping on it,
making assumptions and reacting in a very unkind fashion. Let's keep
ourselves above it all. Peace! Dana

Dana Nilsson
Sunnyside Elementary
Durango, CO

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