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Dear LM_Netters, 
I was intrigued by the post (below) from Taylor Willingham about the diary
of a librarian in Baghdad detailing the "daily hurdles of keeping Iraq's
central library open, preserving the surviving archives and books and, oh
yes, staying alive." The diary [Dr. Eskander's diary at
<>] appears
on the Web site of the British Library and has been written up in the
NYTimes article Baghdad Day to Day: Librarian's Journal By PATRICIA COHEN 7
February 2007  <javascript:void(0)> The New York Times.  
In her blog posting, part of The Texas Forums Project**, Patty Dineen has
asked us to consider using "libraries as centers for serious,
non-agenda-driven conversation about Iraq and our role there (past, present,
and future)".  Please read Patty Dineen's complete posting: How Many of Your
Colleagues were Assassinated Last Year? A Proposal (a Plea) to America's
Librarians (
and consider creating time in school for such "non-agenda-driven
conversations" with your students.
**"The Texas Forums Project, an initiative of the LBJ Library and Museum,
allows participants to explore public issues in an moderated discussion
setting. Through deliberation, people broaden their understanding of the
issue, find common ground with others, and begin to imagine new and creative
ways to work on solving these difficult issues. Our group will look for ways
in which Web 2.0 technologies can help expand the reach of the Forums,
allowing them to bring together people from different areas of the state,
country, and world."

"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future.  The
learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer
exists." --Eric Hoffer
Debbie Abilock, Editor-in-Chief
Knowledge Quest
Knowledge Quest is devoted to offering substantive information to assist
building-level library media scpeialists, supervisors, library educators,
and other decision makers concerned with the development of school library
media programs and services.  Articles address the integration of theory and
practice in school librarianship and new developments in education, learning
theory, and relevant disciplines.

From: [] On Behalf
Of Taylor Willingham
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2007 12:59 PM
To: Forum Group
Subject: How Many of Your Colleagues were Assassinated Last Year?
I'm sure many of you read the article in the NY Times titled Baghdad Day to
Day: Librarian's Journal
( This article
describes the daily journal being kept by the Director of Iraq's National
Library and Archive at the suggestion of the National Archives in Britain. 

My dear colleague Patty Dineen from the NIF network recently posted a
response to the NY Times article and an impassioned plea to America's
Libraries. Her response is on a team blog set up for a research project
we're doing with grad library students from UIUC. 

Here is her plea:
   In solidarity with the librarians of Iraq, and for the benefit of the
American public, give people a place and a way to gather and talk about what
is happening in Iraq:

    - Begin a nationwide effort to use libraries as centers for serious,
non-agenda-driven conversation about Iraq and our role there (past, present,
and future)

    -Put a process and materials in place for libraries to use

    -Train (online or in person) facilitators to help people use this

    -Send out the word to media, the public, and yes, even the elected
officials who by now might welcome having somewhere to go to be able to
listen to people who are willing to talk together about this problem. 

Taylor L. Willingham
P. O. Box 1255
Salado, TX 76571
866.215.0843 (National Issues Forums) (blog)

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