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I just have to share this...
  I finished reading Gooney Bird Green with my second grade students.
  There task is to write an absoulutely true story like Gooney Bird did.
  My hope is for them to realize they have all kinds of stories in their life they 
can write about.
  Here is an excerpt from a boy whose title of this story is:
                                 The Day (boy's name) Had Surgery
  "I drank some medicine that put me to sleep. While I was asleep they took me to 
the operating room. The doctors cut open my scrotum and tacked my testicles down. 
And then they glued my scrotum back together. I got my clothes on etc."
  Now my question I was making a class book of absolutely true stories. What do I 
  but smile... Life comes atcha fast!

  Jo Sorrell
  Mabel School
  Zionville, NC
  Boone, NC

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