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This is the first email I am sending since my school converted to Gmail so
hopefully, the transition will be seamless! Here are the responses to my
target on using Gmail and LM_Net.

Ilana Locker
Colegio Internacional de Caracas

I switched a few months ago because I was having trouble with yahoo and
LM_Net.  I love gmail!  I really like it because all replies go into one
"folder" so all of my replies to a request are together if they reply to my
post.  I have not had any issues with it at all.


I actually created a gmail account after reading someone's LM Net posting on
how great it was. I previously had LM NET sent to my school email and in
many cases I was unable to receive responses because of our filters. Now I
don't have that problem. One excellent feature is Gmail groups threads
together so you don't have to go through your inbox to find subsequent
emails on a subject. I think you'll be very happy with it.


When you get used to the gmail labels they are a great resource.  You can
create an LM_net label and then the responses you wish to save and pull them
up easily.


Good luck! We just went from outlook to Gmail, and I don't like it. Even our
best techie said he's not really pleased with it, because it doesn't have
folders. You can tag mail, but it still stays in you inbox. Once things are
tagged, they group together, but don't leave the inbox. It looks like it
will get really unwieldy fast. I use a Yahoo account for my listserves.


as for gmail - it's great. Almost unlimited space. I use it for my LM_NET
mail and although I do delete most postings I can save a lot and not worry
about running out of space. My only worry is that eventually they may charge
for it because I can't believe anything so good will remain free forever....


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