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Here is the information I received regarding lamination in the library.

We just purchased a new cold laminator. Since the paper is so expensive,
the teachers have to fill out a form and have the project approved by
the principal before we complete it in the library.


We do laminating for our whole district.  We give every school so many
feet of laminating free each year--if they go over that free amount then
we bill the school for the overage. We bill the cost of each foot of
extra laminating film used. It is amazing how many schools don't every
go over.  The principal is notified in advance when their "free" footage
is used.  Then they make the decision whether or not to foot the bill.
You might be able to adapt this to a school setting.


At my son's school the teachers put everything that needs to be
laminated in a box next to the laminating machine with their name on
their items (post-its work great for that - then they can be stuck back
on the items when the laminating is finished).  The media aide sometimes
does the laminating, but I think it worked best when a volunteer came in
on Tuesday and Thursday and did the laminating. This helps reduce waste
at the beginning and end of each "turn" the teachers take when they were
doing it themselves.  The volunteer or aide should be careful to place
items as close together as possible.  After the laminating is done, the
volunteer can cut the different "orders" apart and put them on a counter
or work table for the teachers to pick up. It requires a little planning
ahead by the teachers, but they don't seem to mind at all.  They are
aware of the need to conserve.

We did it a couple of ways at my old school.  

1.  We had a volunteer who laminated everything on Mondays at 9 AM.  She
would continue until everything was done.  This meant that teachers had
to plan.  The biggest savings was the film between jobs wasn't wasted.
The first year we did this we went from using 6 sets of laminate to 2.  

2.  We lost our volunteer.  We restricted the laminator use to X number
of days per week.  It could not be used outside of those times.
Teachers/aides could reserve a time to come in.  We would have teachers
coming in back to back to use the laminator.  Again, the teachers had to
plan and the laminator wasn't on ALL THE TIME.


We have the same problem. Right now, we are keeping a notebook with
approx. number of feet done per teacher with a view to setting a limit.
Perhaps we could do twenty feet or so free, then charge for any overage.
Our district media center charges 25 cents a foot and a nearby teacher
supply store charges 50 cents. Or maybe just a certain amount free,
period, then no more.

I'm looking forward to hearing what other schools do.


We don't do posters, game pieces,  or personal stuff.

We also do the laminating-my assistant does it. She only laminates when
there is a pile of stuff so there isn't as much waste.

We used to buy laminating film from a teacher supply budget -- That is,
when we ordered it, we put the school's teacher supply account number on
the purchase order, not ours.

We still order from that budget, but a couple of years ago the principal
told us to keep track (a simple sign in sheet that we fill in ourselves)
of who was laminating and from what department. When the sheet is full
we tally it (example ---$12.50 for Social Studies, $8.00 for
administration, athletics, etc) zerox the sheet to keep ourselves for
documentation, and send it down to the office.

That way we don't have to monitor usage - they do it in the business
office I suppose. We charge on the sign-in sheet by what our film costs
-- it took a little figuring out, but I think it's about 50 cents a
foot. We charge $1 for 8 1/2 by 11 sheets, $2 for small posters (the
kind that can go in sideways) $3 for large posters, and 50 cents a foot
for banners. That way we don't have to measure anything except banners.
And if two banners can go in side by side, well, that's 50 cents a foot
or the two together.


I'm the k-5 librarian who orders the lamination film.  For 11 years it
has been 15 sets of rolls (2 per set for the top and bottom roll of
laminating machine).  I keep a record of how many rolls are used per
month and I publish it on email when we are using too much compared to
past years.  It's just a friendly reminder to conserve and laminate that
which is really necessary. Also, we do not laminate materials for
student teachers...other than that which will be used during student
teaching in our building.
I used to have the laminator in the back of the library.  I would
actually laminate for staff.  Then, I taught them how to laminate
efficiently.  Now the laminator is at the opposite end of the building
and staff use it responsibly.  I usually still change the rolls and of
course still keep my record of usage.


What your lamination costs per foot.  Allow X amount per teacher when
they go over take it off their supply money.  I if lamination cost $.20
per foot.
(This is 1990 cost) then I charge $.40 per foot for personal.  Personal
is not bulletin board sign purchased with private money, but their
child's picture from the paper.  I also made sure that the amount I
charged was more that the school supply store in town since I was saving
them a trip to town about 20 minutes.

I don't have a policy per se, but I have put each department on a
rotating purchasing schedule so that the library does not bear the full
financial support of this service.  Each year, 3 departments must each
buy 1 roll of lamination and each year I buy 4 rolls.  I do lamination
until the supplies run out - I have not yet needed to put restrictions
on any department or faculty person.  However, I guess that you could
keep measurements of everything you laminate by department or teacher. 
And once they approach some agreed upon limit, inform them that they
need to cut back on their requests.   Hope this helps.

We only do laminating on one day a week so we are not wasting that foot
or so of lamination between jobs.  It has worked well.


When I first took this position 19 years ago the library absorbed the
cost of the lamination. 

Then the treasurer's office or my supervisor decided that each
department or teacher had to pay for their own lamination.  The Early
Childhood Education program use to laminate everything. They did large
posters and they wanted them laminated on both sides.  We figured the
cost per foot, measured how much lamination was done, kept a record,
then sent the information once a month to the treasurer's office.  The
amount of lamination we did was reduced drastically. 

Several years later we've gone back to not charging the different
departments and we didn't advertise that fact.  The two departments that
do the most lamination purchase one or two boxes of lamination film from
their budget and give it to us. 

The other policy that we have is that teachers are not allowed to use
the lamination only myself and my assistant do the lamination.  

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My school library currently does lamination for our teachers. We are
looking into creating a lamination policy since we are having a problem
with spending too much money on lamination.  Do any of you have
lamination policies that you would be willing to share?

Thank you!
Sarah Albanese
Summit Educational Resources

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