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  I read an article in the news about the nation section stating that a board 
member of a theatre/performing center somewhere resigned because the Vagina 
Monologues playing there included the word "vagina" on the theatre's billboard. The 
rest of the board refused to demand its removal. The man complained that he didn't 
want children to have to ride by the theatre and see that "word." The absurdity of 
this man's outrage made me realize just how excessive some of the initial reaction 
to the word "scrotum" has been in The Higher Power of Lucky. What are body parts 
supposed to be called? Did the guy want them to put the name up as the "Female 
Private Part Monologues," or worse yet, "Female Unmentionables Monologues?" Why is 
it inappropriate to call body parts by their appropriate names? Isn't it better for 
children to learn the actual names, than to use euphemisms that make body parts 
sound like a dirty little secret? If we treat body parts like they're something to 
be ashamed o!
 f, then what bizarre lesson are we teaching children? Of course, on the other 
hand, opposition of these appropriate terms and the controversies that ensue sure 
do provide excellent free advertising for the products that contain the "words." 
I'm not so sure that I would have run out and immediately purchased The Higher 
Power of Lucky if the surrounding controversy hadn't erupted over it. I just 
finished reading it, and I am grateful for the controversy sparking my curiosity. I 
thoroughly enjoyed the book and was charmed by the Lucky character, as well as 
Miles and Lincoln. As Lucky is scientifically inclined, the appropriate name, 
scrotum, fits in nicely. Her curiosity about its meaning is a natural curiosity, in 
sync with her character.
 Kathy Reel
 Former English/Writing Teacher
 New Librarian Looking for Job
 Owensboro, KY
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