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Below are my replies to my questions.  Unfortunately, not a lot replies.  If
more arrive after sending this HIT, I will send an addendum.

I am seeking actual lessons (with any attachments), suggestions, ideas for
4th and 5th  grade genres of
realistic fiction, nonfiction, fiction, and historical
fiction.----especially those aligned with 4th grade social studies (
Virginia or your respective state) and 5th  grade social studies ( U.S.
History to 1865)

Also, any internet sites that you are aware of which have lessons for
realistic fiction, nonfiction, fiction, and historical fiction are also


I am looking for easy books to read since I can easily read in a a class
period---- so picture books / easy books are my top choice  and preferred.
I  didn't state the reading level for the books in the genres of   realistic
fiction, nonfiction, fiction, and historical   and the period in
history/social studies in which the story is set.

Robert Joyce
School Librarian/Library Media Specialist
Virginia Pittsylvania COunty



I.  Book Titles:

Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco is a picture book about two boys in the
Civil War. That would fit for historical fiction

How about The Other Side-realistic fiction and Pink and Say-historical

It happened in Virginia . . .
The following books have settings that are in Virginia.

For 4th grade historical fiction picture books to read aloud in one class
period, I read Train to Somewhere (Bunting), Sweet Clara and the Freedom
Quilt (Hopkinson), Under the Quilt of Night (Hopkinson) and Journey to
Freedom (Wright).

Virginia Bound by Amy Butler-a current Virginia Readers Choice book.

historical fiction list

Pink and Say
The Bracelet
The Christmas Tapestry
So Far from the Sea
The Legend of the Yellow Star
Pink and Yellow
Amazing Grace
Boundless Grace



website for good lessons on all of the genres of literature!

a unit  on the Revolutionary War centered around several books -- King's
Mountain by Wisler, a biography of the Swamp Fox from Sandlapper Press,
and Growing Up in Revolution and the New Nation by Brandon Miller.  We
also pulled in many other books as resources.  We had the students write
a story about a fictional child during the revolution.
   We also did a lesson with our fifth grade accelerated learners.
Each student researched a figure from the revolution and then wrote a
letter home to that person's family as if they were the revolutionary
figure.  We created a book called "Letters from the Revolution" as a

Roanoke: The Lost Colony--An Unsolved Mystery from
History ---as for lesson plan, there are a number of
questions in the backs of this series of books, which
the kids love. They ask what you think really
happened, and give some options for answers, some
silly and some not---in this case, what happened to
the Roanoke settlers. The kids could discuss or write
down their opinion of what happened.
Also, I showed the Reading Rainbow video of Follow the
drinking gourd to my 4th graders, the week I had
laryngitis...One teacher was a huge fan of the singing
group "Sweet Honey In the Rock" which appears on the
Here is another book I read to my 4th graders:
Red Legs: A Drummer Boy of the Civil War
They were quite astonished at our discussion of the
information in the afterword, that there were drummer
boys as young as 9, and that it was very dangerous to
be a drummer boy.
Of course Nettie's trip south, about slavery, and
Going someplace special, about segregation were read
to some classes too.


Genre Term (FIC BIO & HIST FIC comb)
1. Fictionalized  Biography [ OR  reversed wordin----> Biographical
Fiction ]  and 2. ( a new one)  Biographical Novel..

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