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Juliann Moskowitz wrote:

>I'm at the high school level so this "Lucky" issue doesn't effect me but, I think 
>you have to realize that some librarians who chose not to include a particular 
>title in their collection for fear of controversy might also fear losing their job.

>I don't think we should be judging librarians that chose not to add certain books 
>to their collection. Are you willing to lose your job over a book?

While I was replying privately to Richie Partington, this post came in, 
and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts with the whole group.

The ALA does, indeed, have some fine-sounding statements. Their 
statements, though, have little weight in the real world. Consider this 

After reading all the reviews, following your rigorous selection policy, 
you purchase a book that seems to fit your school population. There are 
some parts to it that you wouldn't have put that way, but overall you 
think it is a good selection. After a period of time, though, someone 
thinks otherwise and files a challenge. The challenge policy is followed 
all the way to the Board, and the Board decides that the book must go. 
What do you do? The ALA would argue that you ought to continue to fight 
for the book. They won't replace your lost salary and benefits, though, 
if you defy the Board, nor do they maintain a blacklist of Districts 
that don't follow ALA policy.

We can fuss about that District all we want, but if you defy the Board, 
you will be replaced at the next Board meeting. ALA, LM_NET, or any 
other organization does not have the authority to stop it. Like it or 
not, the local community, through their elected Board members, has the 
final say over what is in the library and who works there. Even 
spreading the word here on LM_NET that XYZ District "banned" a book 
won't keep them from getting qualified applicants.

Unless you are so wealthy that you don't need your job, you WILL err on 
the side of caution because you want to keep your paycheck coming in.

David Lininger, kb0zke,
MS/HS librarian
Hickory County R-1 Schools
Urbana, MO 65767
tss003 at tnp dot more dot net

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