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THANKS for the following!

I use a Brother P-Touch QL-550.   I find it incredibly versatile.  I can
print any number of lines, add graphics, etc.   I currently use it to print
spine labels for my books - since our school division decided that our
libraries would be better off if the regional public library system
catalogues our materials -- meaning, if there are new materials totally new
to the whole division and I have the only copy then I have to send it to
the regional library system to catalog it.  If it is a book or material
already owned by one of our school in the system then I can add my copy to
records that are already in the system -- but (the reason for the Brother
purchase) I don't have a way to print out the spine labels for them since
my old library software is gone.   So I purchased the Brother - many of the
librarians in our school division use this model.  Check it out -- I am
very happy with it.

We use a software program called My Labels. it was pretty cheap in the $20
range and we can make the labels exactly how we want. Use Avery 6150 label
I think but you can choose you size. Very user friendly.

We have a Brother Pt2700/2710 that we like.   It works with the computer
keyboard and we paid about $100.

I print mine on Address label stock with a laser printer. Get three
lines using Chicago bold at 18 pt.

I have a Dymo LabelWriter 320 which is capable of printing 3 rows on a
spine label. There are also newer models which probably have the same

We're cheap.. We use plain old Avery address labels (which we cut in half
after printing so we get two spine labels from each address label) and
Microsoft Word. We can get 3 or even 4 lines (we never DO 4 lines but we
could...) in easily.

Type them in a word processing document (any style you want) and fasten
them to the book with that super scotch tape (845 I think).

Any Brother P-touch machine that will operate with 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and
1 inch tapes will do the job. Try looking at

I buy a label stock from DEMCO.   Then in Microsoft Word under
Tools-Envelopes & Labels, I create a custom template that matches the label
stock.   I save the template to my desktop.  Whenever I need one spine
label or 100 - I pull up the template and type them and print them out on
my laser printer.   If I only use a few of the labels on a sheet - I place
an X on the ones I use before I save & exit.  The next time I use the
template, I know which labels are already used/missing, and can start
typing on the next one that is "available."  You can run a sheet through
the printer several times before you start getting streaking/graying.

I have a Ptouch machine... not sure of the model, but I bought it for
about $35.  It does up to 3 lines of text.

We use MarcMagician. I love it! You can create and edit records, search for
new ones in their database, and print labels (and cards if you need them)!

I use WORD and print them on Avery labels in Bold print. Works well for

I have a Dymo LabelWriter Twin Turbo hooked up to my computer.  You can
actually purchase spine labels to go with it.  This works great!

We type them into word and print.  You get to determine the layout & font.
You can print them on labels, we simply use paper since we will be taping
over them anyway.

We use an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of Avery-type labels (5 across and 10 down),
format them in Word, and print them on our regular printer.

What I do is use AVERY #5167 (return address labels) and type them using
the Word labels template in the tools menu; I use Arial font, bolded, 9pt.
and can get up to 3 lines on each label.

Dymo Labelwriter Turbo..I think they are up to 330 or 400 series
can even do 4 lines! I love them.

I use Microsoft Word to make my spine labels.  I'm able to adjust the
size both height and width. I've attached the page I'm using right now.
Because I print on paper if I need just one or two labels I don't feel
bad about wasting paper.  I'm also able to put my color coding on the
label without using cloth tape.  I then use a 12 inch Fiskars to cut the
labels as I'm ready to put them on the book.  I use this method for
books that don't come with processing or with labels that come with the
books that don't come the way I want them to be.  I then use a label
protector to place the label on the spine.
This way I have the freedom to design the label to my specification, add
the color coding and I don't have to purchase special labels.

I do them in Word on the envelopes and labels section.

Do you use Follett's Destiny?  It is good for labels.

We make them on the computer program we currently use ... Spectrum.

I have the Dymo LabelWriter Duo, and it works great

We buy laser jet return address labels and use Word.

Terry Kroening, Media Specialist
Winona Senior High School
Winona, Mn 55987

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