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Thanks to all who responded to my post a few days ago. I received a couple of 
requests for a HIT, so here it is.

Original Post:
As far as I know, most libraries doing "Birthday Book Club" are in elementary 
schools. Is there any secondary school library successfully doing it?

I am thinking to start a "Birthday Book Club" at our school. I will create a wish 
list on and promote it through letter, library website, PTA, etc.  
Students or parents can donate a book from my list in honor of their (or their 
child's) birthday. A special acknowledgement label will be placed on the inside 
front cover saying that the book was donated by XXX, class of XXXX.  I think it is 
a good way to bring books to our collection. 

Will it be harder for high school libraries than elementary? If you have done it, 
please share your experience. I really appreciate your advice. Thank you!


I did it at a private K-12 school.  We had less participation at high school but 
still a lot.  I also sent the letters to grandparents. I didn't do a list but kept 
about 20 new books in the back room for the kids to choose from.  They got to be 
the first person to check it out.

I do the Alumni Book Club in my middle school.  I send home a letter in
the beginning of the year & I usually get about 10 donations which I let
the student choose the book, put their name on a bookplate in the front
& they get to be the first to check it out (for an extended time).

It goes over Ok - not super, but it's better than nothing!

I have a Birthday Book Club at my middle school.  I don't have as much
participation as elementary, but every little bit helps.  

I have a form that parents fill out with student name and the type of
book or title they would like.  They pay me $15.00 and I buy the book.
This is good because I can buy the books with budgeted money and use the
money they donate for discretionary items.

I do it at middle school, and although I don't get the participation that I am sure 
elementary school libraries get, my philosophy is even one or two books helps, and 
some parents give several.  It's not a lot of work on my part, so I'm willing to do 
it even though I don't get a lot of books from it.

Amy Huang
Notre Dame High School
596 S. 2nd St.
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 294-1113 x2130

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