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Usually I read every message and every comment and think that it has all
been said and that there is no need for my comments; I also think that
almost everybody makes valid points. I'm cursed by usually seeing the
validity of every argument. It would be so much easier to be sure that
only my view is right. However, there are two things I do want to

I have seen school boards (made up of people just like us, not gods)
make some silly decisions based on very little fact, research, and
reading but a huge amount of personal judgement, opinion, religious
views or other bias toward a subject. School boards are not infallible
as Rocco has shown us in this historical perspective.

I agree also that we, in schools, are acting "in loco parentis," unlike
public libraries. In that case, surely we have to  make decisions based
on the ages or grade levels of our students. As a parent I let my older
kids read books or see movies that the younger children were not allowed
to read or see, and we had those books and movies in our home. Just
because one of my children didn't drink milk and because one of them was
allergic to an antibiotic didn't mean that we didn't buy milk and keep
it in the refrigerator or that I didn't allow any of my children to have
antibiotics. And I certainly wouldn't have wanted another parent to make
the decision for me that I couldn't have milk in my home or that my
other children couldn't have an antibiotic if they needed it. I have
books in my libraries that are appropriate for some children,
inappropriate for others. But to not have them because the content may
be too mature (or because their parents think the content is too mature
for all of the students)would be a good "parental" decision. 

Would I fight and risk losing my job over a book or even a principle?
I'm not sure. I hope I would, but it would depend upon circumstances and
the book and what seemed right at the time. But if I did accept a school
board decision that went against my professional philosophy, I wouldn't
feel all right about it; nor would I judge someone else who chose not to
fight but to keep his/her job.


"A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people
are still thinking." ...Jerry Seinfeld.
Library/Media Services Coordinator
Holbrook Unified School District
POB 640 
Holbrook AZ 86025
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