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If we know that a parent doesn't want their child to read a certain book then we do 
"protect" them from it.  We really have no choice as we are talking about a legal 
doctrine that the courts apply to schools.  We protect kids from all kinds stuff at 
school: inappropriate clothing, sexual harassment, racism, soft drinks, etc.  
Parents have to send kids to school so schools have to provide some protections.  
That is why, at least here in CA, parents can have their students excused from 
parts of the curriculum to which they object (i.e. s? x ed.-- where they might see 
the word scrotum ;-)).
That doesn't mean you don't buy any book that any parent objects to.  That would 
result in empty libraries.  It does mean you need a well thought out collection 
development policy that includes a parent's right to challenge library materials.  
Even then, we continually perform a balancing act.
I think our district's policy is a good one.  It specifically mentions the 
diversity of our student body, the inclusion of materials that cover controversial 
topics, and the ALA's Library Bill of Rights.  In my 10 years here there has only 
been one successful challenge.  Most times objections can be dealt with pretty 
easily by explaining the collection development policy and by being professional 
and taking a parent's concerns seriously.
Tony Doyle, Library Media Teacher 
CSLA Northern Section PR Chair
Member California Young Reader Medal Committee
Livingston High School
Livingston, CA
"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture; you just have to get people to 
stop reading them."
Ray Bradbury


Sent: Wed 2/28/2007 11:49 AM
Subject: [LM_NET] in loco parentis


So as we act in loco parentis, we "protect" a child from a book. Do we
act on behalf of what we perceive a majority of parents think and feel?
Are people that homogeneous? What of the parent who supports
intellectual freedom with a child in a school that censors?

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