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I have been a school media specialists for 23 yrs. at all levels and I
don't like censorship. However, we have the obligation to remember our
school population and curriculum when selecting books.  Most, if not all
of us are working with limited budgets, some with no budget, so our
purchases have to be prioritized.  Support our curriculum needs first,
reading programs (AR) and research,second,  and then I consider
recreational reading.  This makes it necessary to carefully consider
what is appropriate for our students and some books I depend on our
public library to provide.  A good relationship with the public
librarians is a must, and referring our students to them is helpful to
them and the the school media centers.  I let them provide the
recreational reading I can't afford and they leave the curriculum
support to us.

Now about the censorship.  It is not censorship to read a book and
realize it is not for your student population, following your selection
policy.  It is a good selection decision!  I abhor censorship on any
level, but would like to be respected by all levels of professional
librarians to support our decisions as school media specialist.  This
battle has been ongoing for most of my 23 yrs. in school media centers. 
I have been through the "war" of angry parents and school board and it
is devastating for you and your staff.  Am I a coward?  No, I try to
make the best decisions I can with the help of my media committee,
faculty, staff and selection tools.  A difficult and time consuming
task?  YES!  One that take hours.  Do I mind? NO!  It is my professio

Thanks for letting me vent.  It has been a long time coming.

Frances Robson
Media Specialist
Lowndes High School
Valdosta, GA

The mind is like a parachute - it works only when it is open.
     - Unknown

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