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I am adding the following posting (in red) to my comments. What I didnt realize was 
that MAUS was written in the 90's. Graphic novels are a type of novel that I didnt 
realize has been around for a few years. Are the following graphic novels written 
as early as the 90's? I thought most graphic novels were a new thing not something 
that has been around for almost a decade. Not including what I would consider comic 
books; super hero type books. Thank you for all the comments. I am definitely will 
be looking for the titles listed below. 
  Thank you,
  Nancy Goodrich, teacher
  Taylor MS
  Quote: If you liked Maus you may also like:
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, by Marjane Satrapri, an autobiographical 
novel of the author's life growing up in Iran when the Shah was overthrown in 1979 
at the start of the Islamic Revolution. (2 volumes - the 2nd one a bit more adult) 

Alia's Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq, by Mark Alan Stamaty
Alia, the head librarian at the central library in Basra, took it upon herself to 
find a way to save the books when she saw  troops on the roof of the library. 

Harder to find is:  Citizen 13660 By Mine Okubo (Reprint edition, June, 1983)
While not a graphic novel in the modern sense because it only has one picture per 
page, this book was ahead of its time in format.  Mine Okubo describes her life in 
the Japanese-American internment camps established by the U.S. government soon 
after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

Ethel & Ernest: A  True Story, by Raymond Briggs
Written by children's author/illustrator Raymond Briggs (The Snowman). He tells the 
story of his parent's lives and thus much of his own life in a graphic novel 
format. Their story starts when they first met during the depression era, continues 
in WWII when Briggs is a child and is sent to live in the country during the 
bombing of London. The book ends with his parents deaths in the early 1970s. 

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