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Just Musing --
I wonder how much contribution schools make to the public library 
situation -- meaning it has never failed to amaze me that many 
schools/libraries feel that the is "being used" if their library is 
filled with students whether it is with non-library related 
activities or not.

1)  picture-day "close the library and set up the photography equipment."
2)  teacher is ill and no sub is available.  Send them to the library.
3)  parent volunteer meeting -- meet in the comfortable library 
(whether or not their is space for them AND students to carry on 
5)  and then there are computer classes -- word processing, playing 
"games" -- oh I know they are "educational" (sometimes); less of 
actual "library related use."
4)  crafts, parties, music, anything to make the students (or 
"clients" -- and clients are always right) comfortable and to get 
them into the library so we can count our "services" to a set number 
of patrons...

and on and on.  And so the culture of the "Library Is for Everything" 
is born.  But when young people become really really comfortable with 
turning to the library for everything, we close it.  ummmmm!

As I said just musing -- and thinking how life might be different if 
libraries were for library-related activities and we did not play the 
numbers game.


At 6:58 AM -0800 01/03/07, librarychickie wrote:
>Although it may work out nicely for some How sad that we NEED police 
>officers in our schools and libraries.
>   Kristina Fallon, LMS
>   Robert Morris School
>   South Bound Brook, NJ
>F'Lar Pern <debrae123@COMCAST.NET> wrote:
>   Happy New Year,
>This is so very sad.
>From: Douglas Gerber
>>  I came across a New York Times article yesterday (click on the link
>  > below). Any public librarians care to comment?
>  > 9255a494f12fba&ei=5087%0A

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