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I am a public Teen services librarian in a public library in a first-ring suburb of 
a major American city.  Most of you will recognize my email address.  I prefer to 
not identify my library in this post. 
  We are next door to the high school.
  We get about 60-80 teens in the library after school each day.  They defy our 
computer use policies (we hav an automated reservation system and they create 
multiple accounts, often using filthy words or racist slurs, to circumvent the time 
limit/X # of pages of free printing per day policy). (of course, adults do it too, 
just not as much)
  We have to sit and watch the log-on list to cancel duplicate 
accounts/reservations that are in violation of policy.  That detracts from our 
ability to provide reference services.  Sometimes, it is so loud, we cannot hear 
valid reference questions on the phone.
  They all seem to have those cell phones that sound like walkie-talkies.  They 
broadcast their private, often profane conversations to the entire library.  They 
play the MP3's so loud we can all hear the vulgar rap lyrics.  They often sing 
along, as loudly as they please.
  We have been cussed at, I was even hit once for asked a boy who was yelling out 
the "N" word to leave. They are loud, profane--even calling the parents does no 
good--the parents usually do not care--they need a free afterschool daycare service 
and we are it.  They tell us that they cannot trust these troublemakers to have a 
key to the house or they would come home to a wrecked house. These parents have, in 
effect, given up.
  The kids know we do not know who they are, so we kick them out, they go outside, 
switch jackets or shove them into their backpacks and come back in 15 minutes 
later.  It's a joke and we're the butt end of it.
  We have caught them having sex in the bathrooms, stripped naked, on the floor, 
not even in a stall.  There have been fights, they bring their petty crap from the 
school into our building.
  Even when we do have one arrested, they refuse to tell the POLICEMAN their 
rightful name and address.  They are cocky and insolent, even to the cops--not an 
ounce of fear in them.  I'M scared of cops. But these kids?  nope.
  We have to spend a fortune on off-duty, uniformed and armed police officers to 
keep the peace--two per day from 2 to close.  That money "could" be going to books, 
programs, services, a new teen center.  
  I know, you're all going to say, "Engage them, include them."  A good number of 
these kids who come in are great--they do homework or sit and talk quietly, but 
there is a certain element, about 30-50 a day, that simply comes in wanting to be 
"as bad as they wanna be."
  They think it is "cool" to get thrown out, to make us crazy.  It's what they 
"do."  Daily.
  I would love to see my library close from 2:30 to 4:30 every weekday.
  Maybe I could use the time to have a daily progam in a meeting room, where kids 
would have to register, showing a library card, so I know who they are.  
  Teen Services Librarian
  ___ public library

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