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     Thank you to everyone who responded with help on transferring videos from the 
United Streaming web site to a video iPod.  Many asked for a "hit" and I am more 
than happy to share that information.  The first step is to download the video in 
Quicktime format--that option is on the left side below the video you are 
downloading.  Once you have it saved open up iTunes and import the file.  After the 
file is imported select Update from your file menu.  If a message pops up that the 
file could not be transferred because the iPod cannot support the video, you will 
need to "convert" the video.  To do this, select Advanced from your Tool Bar and 
Convert from the drop down menu.  My video was 4 min. 46 secs. and the process took 
just a few minutes.  Then, select Update and it should be on the iPod.  To play the 
video on the TV you will need the cables specific for this purpose (Radio Shack, 
$19.99).  On your iPod, select Video Settings.  The first option, TV Out should be 
either !
 Ask or 
On.  You may also need to check the TV Signal.  Mine played fine on NTSC.  Connect 
the cables to the TV and turn the TV to channel 3.   Interestingly enough, the 
volume control worked on both the TV and the iPod.  
     I hope this works for you.  Please let me know if you experience any problems. 
 I  am excited to show this to my colleagues as this eliminates the need for a 
projector.  Now, we just need to get iPods for everyone!  Thanks again for all of 
your quick responses.
Carolyn Wert 
Charles Boehm Middle School 
866 Big Oak Road 
Yardley, PA 19067 
Phone: 215.428.4220, ext. 30870 
Fax: 215.428.9605

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