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Thanks to all who responded, I received many great responses and quite 
a few requests for a hit.  I am including a list of the web site links 
below.  Some are links to individual sites and some are links to a 
compilation of sites.  Thanks again!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  (Save the Tree Octopus)
The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is sufficiently goofy, I've found 
(that water/dihydrogen monoxide hoax site is over my head, I think). I 
haven't looked at it too in-depth to know if there is inappropriate 
material on it. It's a well-done site, so it looks valid except for the 
octopus in the pine tree, of course.

The bonus is that if you type in octopus in Google, the PNTO is pretty 
much the first hit you get. A travel agent is second or third, and a 
literary magazine is like 5th. So, of the first 10 hits for octopus, at 
least 5 are useless if trying to do research. It helps "sell" the fee-
based databases a little bit.

This one seems okay for the age group in question:

Mankato, MN Home Page

As for the rest, well you might have to sort through them a bit, since 
haven't personally viewed them all.  Most of the sites below are
collections of fake sites.
This website encourages visitors to help save the "Endangered Pacific
Northwest Tree Octopus" It's colorful, and hopefully, obviously a hoax
This site offers to sell visitors "dehydrated water". It might take 
you a
minute or two to explain what dehydrated means, but other than that, 
should be at their level

Another site to look for is "Lake Michigan Whale Watching," which is
currently down, but will hopefully reappear soon.

If you go to my library skills blog at:
I have a 2 part lesson on web site evaluation that I've used with my 
5th and 6th graders.  It's called "When in doubt...doubt."  I think all 
the websites are okay.  There are good ones and hoax ones.  I think 
you'll be able to tell them apart.  The kids really liked this.  Feel 
free to use the blog if you'd like.
Have a look at the lists at

 just did this with my fifth graders.  Type in "facts about beluga 
whales" into google and its the first site. - 6k -

I found the site in the LM Net archives but I had to look at a lot of 
sites that didn't work for 5th grade to find this one.  We talked about 
what information comes from, how it might be dated (ex: a 1999 book 
about Mars wouldn't include the Mars rover information).  

Then looked at the NASA website together using a worksheet I created.  
I emphasized they had to think about the source and look for clues:  
(URL address for .com/.org/.edu) was it dated,updated (a lot of them 
didn't realize lots of websites have old information), were there ads, 
was the organization identified, was the writer identified, could you 
contact him. etc.

Then I sent them to the computers to google the beluga website.  The 
last clue asked them to skim the content and compare it with what they 
might know about whales and what makes sense.  They were asked to reach 
a conclusion about whether they should trust the site and identify the 
clues they used to make their decision.  Then we went over the site 

I had them leave their paper behind so I was able to get an idea for 
whether they were getting the concept.  Some did and some didn't but at 
least all of them were exposed to the ideas.  Hope this helps.  I'll be 
happy to send the "clues" sheet if you'd like.  Its at my work computer 
or I'd attach it now.  Good luck.

Have you used
It is the Facts About Series
Silly reports that are easy to have kids check facts especially the 
Einstein and Mars.  They also like the World chocolate supply nearly 
exhausted article.  I use it all the time with my students 5th - 8th.  
also use the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Item 5 was made by me simply to prove that even "dumb" answers can be 
placed on the web.

From this list:
I suggest the Burmese Mountain Dog or the Jackalope. 

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