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Winston the Book Wolf by Marni McGee; illustrated by Ian Beck (Walker, 
2006).  ISBN: 0802795692

Winston has a taste for words, so huge, in fact, that there is a great big 
BITE out of the center of the cover of this delightful picture book!  The 
sign in front of the library says, "No Wolves Allowed," but Winston doesn't 
care.  He gobbles those words down.  And even though the rather prim and 
dour librarian reminds him, in no uncertain terms, that he's not allowed, 
he hops over computers, tables, and chairs (with the three pigs looking on) 
to get at the books full of words.  Luckily, Rosie in her red hoodie, is 
there to lead him to the exit, out under a bridge, over a hill, and past 
the cow jumping over the moon straight to the forest where she teaches him 
to taste the words by reading them instead.  He's a quick study and a huge 
success, so much so that he borrows Granny's dress, floppy hat, and 
glasses, and accompanies Rosie back to the library where he volunteers his 
time as the Story Lady.  Kids will delight in the turn on Little Red Riding 
Hood and the exceptional illustrations will keep them up on their knees 
when their own Story Lady (or Man) is sharing this book!  [Suggested ages: 4-8]

Toni Buzzeo, MA, MLIS <>
Maine Library Media Specialist of the Year Emerita
Maine Association of School Libraries Board Member
Buxton, ME 04093
Our Librarian Won't Tell Us ANYTHING! A Mrs. Skorupski Story, illustrated 
by Sachiko Yoshikawa (Upstart 2006) BRAND NEW!! 

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