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Hi -- My original post ... which several of you got a good laugh from...
magazines 'attacking' kids... yes, I meant attract... but hey, if they
attack them and get them to read... well all the better...

I'm looking to replace our old LARGE magazine display shelf.  I've scoured
the archives and can't come up with much on this topic.  I'd like to know
your hits & misses on magazine displays.  I'm considering 3 different
kinds... countertop spinners (wondering how many times it will go flying off
the bookcase when then kids see how fast they can spin it!) or wall-mount
(wondering about weight when loaded with magazines) or a revolving vertical
stand (also wondering about kids spinning it!) .  I'm leaning more towards
countertop or wall mount due to floor space.

We subscribe to about 20 magazines per year and I usually keep a couple
weeks worth of back issues (like Time) on display. or just the current if
it's a monthly.  I'd like the entire cover to show as sometimes that's what
attacks the kids.  I've been told "whatever I want", but would like to stay
on the cheaper side!!!!

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO RESPONDED.... you've given me some good ideas and
things to think about... I think I may go with a combo for now... a tall
'spinner' and a couple of table top... we'll see, I have a couple of weeks
to decide!

Shannon Valora, Media Paraprofessional
Hayden MS/HS, Hayden, CO

Your ideas....

I have clear plastic containers that attach to the end of the book shelves.
They are great but only hold about 10 copies of each magazine.


I have the tall spinning magazine display because it takes up less floor
space than the original magazine racks I had.  The students don't try to see
how fast they can spin it. We get about 50 subscriptions.

If you only have around 20 then I would go for the desktop version if you
have the space on your desk.  The first time some one spins it too fast just
quietly stop them and say if you do that again you will have a detention
with me. Then when they do, give them a detention. Be consistent with the
punishment and it will stop as the kids learn that you mean business. I've
learned over the past 33 years in education not to get excited when students
get on my nerves.


I have two from Highsmith: Mobile Magazine Display (L71-45971 @$420) and a
Magazine Display (L71-23408 @ $247).  I like the latter, but students
frequently drop magazines in haste and the covers get caught in the holder.

Seriously, for such a small number of magazines, you ought to be able to
come up with something. My Highsmith catalog has run away, but the Gaylord
one has a wall-mounted one for $70 that weighs 8 lbs. It holds 10 magazines,
and even if they weigh a pound each, you are still looking at a live load of
less than 20 pounds. Your maintenance people ought to be able to mount that
for you easily. The one I'm looking at is on pl 579 of the 2007 catalog.
There are lots of other ideas there, too, so you ought to be able to find
what you are looking for.

Another possibility, if you have some lower bookcases (half height units)
would be to put the money you would spend on a display rack into the
heavy-duty plastic covers (the ones with the clear front) and just put the
magazines on the top of those bookcases. If you don't have the bookcases,
what about putting two or three magazines on each table? If course, you
could always combine the two ideas - get a wall rack for the less popular
magazines and put the really popular ones out on the tables.

I have the vertical stand that twirls - unless you can keep it in sight and
with no seating near it - be prepared for it to spin often.  I wish I had
wall space for a hanging unit - or even two. With more than one I could
really spread out the issues.

Colton (CA)High has a wall-mounted periodical display unit that's currently
sitting on the floor, empty as we've recently returned from temporary
quarters since last Nov. during an on-going "modernization."  We subscribe
to about 45 magazines and the unit has held up under the weight OK.  But the
holders jut out from the wall perpendicularly, so it doesn't show covers as
well as horizontal shelves would

Are there any stores around you that may be going out of business?  They may
be a resource for you.

I have all my magazines in binders of one sort or another.  They have never
gotten ripped, but it's annoying to try and get the wrinkles out.

We have short wood shelving with slanted shelves that hold the magazines
perfectly. There is space for back issues at the bottom.

I have a floor stand spinner. I have used one in all three libraries I have
worked in.  I have had only a couple of time that students stand and spin
the rack, but then I have it placed near my desk so I can keep an eye on it.
It only takes up a square foot of space


I had one of their floor standing units (about 48 magazines) at a previous
campus that was wonderful.

A few years ago, I discovered a magazine display that basically looks like,
well, a ladder. It has about 12-15 rungs that look like they are made from
aluminum dowels. The ends have rubber stoppers on them, and I haven't had a
single incident happen that I was afraid would happen (e.g., kids climbing
them, getting knocked down). It is not attached to the wall, so I can move
it around to different locations in the library, to attract more attention
to the magazines.

You could have a couple like this, and I think it only cost about $60-75.
Funny thing is, I bought it at a car wash store! LOL

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