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Hi Jacquie and others,

Hmmmm, I also wonder if any of the payment goes back to the original authors
of the articles? 

Our colleague Amanda Cedaro from Australia is pretty incensed about this
trend of re-selling of professional materials with no compensation to the
original author.

Would-be authors - KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING when you a publications sends
you its boiler-plate agreement. You might be interested in:

All the very best,


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On 6/1/07 9:35 AM, "Jacqueline Henry" <JHenry@GANANDA.ORG> wrote:

> I have noticed lately that Amazon has MANY professional level journal articles
> for sale on thier site.  I wonder....
> 1.   Do they sell many of these articles?
> 2.   Why would people spend $5, $10, or more for articles that in many cases
> they can get free from library subscription services?  For instance - I just
> ran across this article: Online-Powered School Libraries. By: Richardson,
> Will. District Administration, Jan2007, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p62-63, 2p; which I
> was able to print using EBSCOhost Masterfile Select - provided free to NY
> residents via New York State library funding.
> 3.  Perhaps there are not enough states that provide these databases?
> 4.  And the most likely scenario - perhaps the databases are not being
> promoted enough.
> 5.  Why is it SO hard to get people to percieve libraries as free access to
> resources in all formats - digital as well as books.  How do we break out and
> get people to realize that computers have not replaced libraries.  That
> libraries enhance access to digital information.  Getting people to connect
> libraries with loaning videos etc. did not seem nearly as steep a learning
> curve.
> Feeling a bit philisophical today I guess....
> Jacquie
> "The Librarian, whose job is to heal ignorance, to keep life safe for poetry
> and to put knowledge smack dab in the middle of the American way."
> From The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-20-03
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