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Thank you to all who responded.  I know how busy this time of year is.I received 
several responses.  Some were requests.  Here they are:
Original Post:Greetings Clever People,
I am looking for a "cutsie" poem that I can have read over announcements to remind 
students to return their books.  I am having a hard time getting them back.
I checked the archives and only found a request - no 
 Check out the Silverstein books, or Lee Hopkins' book, Good times,  good 
****************************************How about "Overdues" by Shel Silverstein      
*********************************************************Buy a big bag of Jolly 
Ranchers. One JR for every overdue book returned!
Works like a charm.
Carolyn**********************************************************I've used "Give me 
a Break" from
"Take me out of the Bathtub" by Alan Katz.
    You sing it to "Home on the Range"
Oh give me a break'Cause I made a mistakeAnd my Library book's overdueThe fault is 
all mineOh, boy what a fineIt was due back in 2002!
Home, home's where it's hidThis is such a bad thing that I didAnd you might say, 
"Gee whiz!"'Cause the book's title is"How to be a Responsible Kid!"
I made copies so kids with overdues could sing it with me!
Ellie Weiss*****************************************************Follow this up with 
a message like "Don't let your overdue library items haunt you for the next 42 
years! Return them today!" OverduesBy Shel Silverstein What do I do? What do I 
do?This library book is 42 Years overdue.I admit that it’s mineBut I can’t pay 
the fine-Should I turn it in Or hide it again?What do I do? What do I do? 
Overdues by Shel SilversteinA Light in the Attic, published by Harper Collins I 
also offered a reward for any items found and returned to the library on the last 
day of school. I gave out bags of chips and had four items returned. Good 
luck Beth Conrad
*********************************************I tried that idea this year, too. I 
asked the English teachers to let any poets in their classes know what I wanted. I 
got a couple dozen poems. We don't read the announcements on the HS side (MS does), 
but the secretary put a different poem in the bulletin each day and the kids loved 
seeing their work in print. David Lininger, 
kb0zke,*************************************Shel Silverstein has one about Overdues 
but I can’t recall which book it is in. The picture is great – a very frantic 
looking guy with wild hair! Joanne Ladewig  (A.K.A. "Library 
Lady")*****************************************************Thank you again.
Rose Ann HeilemannSLMSErrick Road

************************************** See what's free at

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