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This was my very first post and I received 15 helpful responses  
within 24 hours.  What an amazing supportive community.  Thank you  

Here is a summary of the many suggestions:

- For Mac, use iWeb, very easy to use
Try iWeb which comes with iLife 08 (only $79).
It's very simple to make a website - just type and drag and drop.  
There are templates for a welcome page, Blog, photos, movies, you can  
add widgets, Google Adsense, etc.
You will also need a iMac account or you can upload to your personal  
iLife 08 also comes with iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, & Garageband - great  
for projects.
Leopard OSX is out within 4 days - might be a good time to upgrade  
your Mac getting the new OS and iLife for free!

- FrontPag. You can get a free 30 day trial of FrontPage.

-Investigate Dreamweaver and  GoLive for this purpose.

-NVU is multi-platform and open source (free!).  It's not too hard to  

-My recommendation, find a simple one that allows you to use imbedded  
HTML, so that you don't have to learn it.  I prefer ones that allow  
me to create in a word doc and then paste it into the webpage  
program.  There are several that does this.
THE FIRST thing to do, contact your TECH dept.  You may be locked  
into a set program.   If you are not, then FirstClass is an easy one  
to use.

-With web 2.0, a website is obsolete these days. I would make a site  
for the library using a wiki or a blog. This way, each teacher could  
add the content that is relevant to them, so that the site is not  
only user friendly, but is also updated on a regular basis. Nothing  
is worse than looking at a website that has outdated material because  
no one had time to update it. I created one for my school library  
during my practicum using wikispaces.

-I'd recommend KompoZer (, which is a very  
nice freeware
program available in Win, Mac, and Linux formats. It is based on  
another freeware
program which was based on the venerable Netscape Composer.  I've  
found it to be
pretty easy to use; it's what I turn to when my usual hand-coding  
fails me.

-Netscape Composer.  I believe you can download it free, but
you have to get an archived copy of one of the older versions of  
that has the composer piece to it.  Also you could use Nvu, which is  
also a
free download.  If you want to spend money, Dreamweaver is very good,  
hard to use if you haven't used anything similar before and it can be
expensive.  You might try one of the online template based web  
Some I think are free to teachers, but I can't think of any of their  
Perhaps, another LM_Netter will come through with those.

-I don't know if this would satisfy the requirements for a web page  
but you might want to make a blog.  These are very easy to do.  I use  You can see my blog at:

-Using iWeb is great, but you might also want to look at TeacherWeb  For $27 per year for a single subscription  
you can do all sorts of things and don't have to have access to your  
own server so you can update it from anywhere. We have several  
teachers who are using it.

-I originally created my website using Word - save the file as a web  
page.  It was easy because I didn't need to learn a new software  
program - and it is very flexible.  It was difficult because it  
really didn't look very nice - everything skewed left a little - and  
getting it uploaded to the internet was difficult.
My principal made me switch to Teacher Web - $27 per year cost.  It's  
format is limiting - but they do have a library template.  It takes  
little new knowledge. Changes to the internet are immediate.

I finally decided to try Nvu, because it is free.  The learning curve  
is steep for the neophyte but manageable.

All the best,


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