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As the part of the new LM_NET/EL-Announce Moderation Team, I would like to 
introduce myself.  I have been delaying this introduction a bit in order that Mike 
and Peter could enjoy the praise and gratitude that they so richly deserve.  
They've heard privately and publicly from many of us, how essential LM_NET and 
their personal guidance have been to each of our careers and to the school library 
community as a whole.  But now that members are already suggesting moving the 
thanks off-topic and others are already expressing concern (What will happen to 
Recipe Day?), my first post to the group is coming earlier than planned.

As one member has mentioned, you can continue your comments to Peter and Mike 
directly...and sorry, guys, I do hope your Inboxes get flooded today!

Other members have suggested other off-list venues for continuing to express 
gratitude.  I think something along these lines would be wonderful.  Feel free to 
contact me off-list if I can assist with any of these ideas.

As for other issues that have already popped up, Peter does have statistics on the 
growth of LM_NET over the years.  I am hoping he will share some form of this with 
the group.

And, yes, Recipe Day will continue.  I planned this as a separate announcement in 
the next day or so, but since it's already a concern, I'll share that Recipe Day is 
planned for Friday, November 16.  I'm hoping to see some old favorites (Alice 
Yucht's Foolproof Turkey) and some new delights.  I'll post a reminder and more 
information in a separate post very soon.

For those of you who may not know me, I would like to share a bit.  I work in a 
small, rural high school in Northern California.  For a number of years, I also 
oversaw our city's elementary school library, so I've benefitted from LM_NET advice 
at all grade levels.  I came to the school library profession after teaching 
English and Journalism for several years.  I told my new principal I would stay for 
two years while opening the school's new library but planned to return to the 
classroom.  Shortly after starting the program, I discovered Peter Milbury was 
reviving the Library Media Credential program at CSU, Chico.  I signed on and was 
hooked.  After my first semester in the program, I KNEW the Library was where I 
wanted to stay.  Where else could I combine my love of reading, researching, 
teaching, and technology while working with every student on campus and learn 
something new myself every day in the process? Peter had so much infectious 
enthusiasm which was entirely contagious.  And, of course, it was he who quickly 
introduced me to the listserv.

As a member of LM_NET for eight years and a consultant for EL-Announce/LM_NET 
Select for seven years now, I've come to appreciate the careful nature in which 
Peter and Mike have moderated the listserv.  I think my co-Moderators, Blythe and 
Sue, and I are all aware of the GIANT shoes we have to fill and hope you all will 
bear with us while we take our first baby steps in this endeavor.

If you have any questions about the listserv or the transition, feel free to 
contact me using the information below.   Thanks again to Peter and Mike for 
creating and nurturing such a wonderful forum and thanks to each of YOU...I've been 
benefitting from the listserv personally for many years and have put so many of 
your ideas into practice at my own school library. I'm looking forward to getting 
to work and repaying a bit of my debt to LM_NET.

Michelle Walker, Librarian/Technology Coordinator
Hamilton Union High School
P.O. Box 488 / Hwy 32 & Canal Street
Hamilton City, CA  95951
(530) 826-3261 ext 0 phone
(530) 826-0440 fax<><>

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