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Hello everyone. A few days ago I posted a target for books/resources to teach 
the concept of food chains to 3rd graders. Below is a hit of what I received. 
Thanks so much to those of you who contributed! Nancy

Nancy Hally
3rd grade teacher
LMS in training
Ruby F. Carver Elementary School
Henrico County, VA

Hi, I would love to see your hit! This is not a book, but an activity that 
Isaw somewhere. I'm trying to figure out how to adapt it for 3rd grade. Everyone 
holds onto a rope and each person has a role (some part of the food chain). 
You arrange them in order. When you give instructions to have one part vanish 
(make up some reasons - overfishing, pollution, development, etc.), that person 
sits down, pulling on the rope. Then I think anyone who feels that tug has to 
sit down too. Before they can get back up, each person has to say how they 
were affected by the loss and its repercussions. Maybe I'll assign roles and 
have each person research their ani-mal or insect, etc., before we line up with 
the rope.

Last year I purchased a great series of books called Food Chains in
Action, with the following individual titles:

Who Eats Who in City Habitats?       Snedden       ISBN 978-1-58340-965-7

Who Eats Who in Grasslands?      Butterfield      978-1-58340-964-0

Who Eats Who in Rivers and Lakes?      Campbell      978-1-58340-966-4

Who Eats Who in the Desert?      Campbell      978-1-58340-962-2    

Who Eats Who in the Rainforest?      Snedden      978-1-58340-961-9

Who Eats Who on the Seashore?      Butterfield      978-1-58340-963-3

Max Axion- Food Chains
He is so cool, the kids LOVE him and the pictures are

Not necessarily an informational book but Dory Story is a great hook for 
getting students interested!

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