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Hello to many former virtual friends and colleagues and people who I
haven't "met" yet. I was one of the original summer of 1992 LM_NET
subscribers, when my professor, Mike Eisenberg, told us we needed to get
connected to this cool new discussion group. This was in the days of
gopher, Veronica, and PINE. Look how far we have come!

When Mike and Peter first met in person, Mike came home to Syracuse to
tell us all the story of when they first met. Picture two grown men,
running into each other's arms in slow motion, music swelling in the
background. Well, it was sort of like that. If you have met anyone in
person who you first "met" in LM_NET, you know the feeling. If you need
a visual of that first meeting, check out this photo and just picture
them in different clothes and hair styles:
If you aren't sure who is who, Peter is in the blue shirt.

I have been proud of us as a group many times, especially in 1994 after
the Northridge quake in Los Angeles, Katrina, school tragedies, and
other difficult times. We also have each other's back when our school
boards, teachers, administrators, or parents need to be reminded how
vital school libraries are. We help each other remember the names of
books someone has a vague description of, when you need to know how to
troubleshoot a piece of hardware, just the right book to give to a
student who you want to encourage a love of reading, and what new trends
are coming around the corner. And yes, there is that annual recipe day.
My one regret? Never meeting Betty Dawn Hamilton in person...yet!

We are proactive, enthusiastic, smart, dedicated, and
way-ahead-of-the-curve in all things related to technology and the
Internet. We were so far ahead of the virtual reference field that in
the mid 90s, there were 500 of us trained and answering questions from
kids as a KidsAskERIC called KidsConnect, WAY ahead of most academic and
public libraries. In 1997, we had an LM_NET chat in IRC. You now talk
about Moodle, Second Life, and things I don't understand yet, but you'll
teach me. 

YOU are why this group is so vibrant. Please continue to contribute in
meaningful ways, remembering for the most part to reply directly to the
sender of a message unless you think it is something that 14,000 people
need to read. 

I also want to tip my hat to my colleagues at AskERIC/ERIC/Information
Institute of Syracuse first headed by Mike and then by Dave Lankes, and
to the Listserv managers at Syracuse University, who have hosted,
prodded, tweaked, nurtured, and archived this list for 15 years at no
cost, and especially during years after AskERIC ended. It is a labor of
love and respect and I am proud to continue having their help and

Peter and Mike won't be too far away, just not needing to deal with the
daily management of an incredible list like ours. Michelle, Sue, and I
might be a little overwhelmed at first, so please be patient if there
are some bumps along the way. Each of us has a great deal of respect and
affection for Peter and Mike, and we're happy to carry the torch.


Blythe Allison Bennett
Assistant Director, School Media Program
School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
114 Hinds Hall
(315) 443-5445

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