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When Mike and Peter described this new 'community' at an ALA meeting,
I don't think anyone realized what a profound effect it would have on
us all.  LM_Net has been an integral part of my professional and
personal life since 1993.  Even though LM_NET's core purpose is
"topics of interest to the school library media community..." in
reality the messages run the gamut of any friendly -- and sometimes
not so friendly -- gathering of colleagues: daily survival skills,
administrivia, personal and family interests, budget woes, news of the
day, recommended resources, trends and theories, occasional political
commentary, book and movie discussions, even bad jokes.

LM_Net has become *our* faculty room.  It's always fascinating (and
sometimes heartening) to discover that school librarians all over the
world have the same issues and problems.  Many times LM_Netters have
asked for help/advice, and then reported back that when they presented
their administrators  with the sheafs of responses they'd gotten from
colleagues all over the country/world, they've been able to change
policies or (stupid) decisions!

For the past 5 years, I've required my new/wannabe school librarian
students to explore LM_Net's archives as a way of learning about this
marvelous resource.  I explain to these students that LM_Net is really
most like a giant cocktail party with many different conversations all
taking place at the same time. As you walk around the room you'll hear
lots of isolated comments out of context, but if you stop to listen to
each small conversational group, you do get a sense of what's being
said, even as you can overhear comments from the conversation going on
in the next group.

Peter and Mike -- you have our undying gratitude for creating this
wonderful learning community!

Alice Yucht, aka Alice in InfoLand
lifetime Teacher-Librarian, now freelancing as
Rutgers/SCILS/PDS faculty,
writer, consultant, speaker, mentor,
and catalytic curmudgeon.
Highland Park, New Jersey

"We may be service-oriented, but we don't have to be servants."

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