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If the onslaught of Recipe Day messages irks you, most e-mail programs have a 
filtering feature.  In Outlook Web Access it is called Rules.  You can quickly 
configure it to look for key words in any field of an incoming message and send 
them to different folders.  For instance, I have all of my LM_NET messages directed 
to an LM_NET folder so that when I hit a couples of days where I don't have time to 
go though 100s of messages I can (GASP!) mass-delete them.
For Recipe Day I would suggest a filter/rule that looks for the word Recipe in the 
subject line and directs the messages to a folder named "Those %^&#!&*& Recipes".  
Then you can delete entire folder at your leisure.
Just a thought,
Tony Doyle, Library Media Teacher 
Member California Young Reader Medal Committee
Livingston High School
Livingston, CA
Http:// <> 
"You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture; you just have to get people to 
stop reading them."
Ray Bradbury
WARNING: The contents of this e-mail are confidential and are intended only for the 
recipient(s) identified in the To and CC fields.  Comments made herein do not 
represent the opinions or positions of the Merced Union High School District, only 
the (sometimes uninformed) opinions of the sender.  This message is protected by 
copyright law, an alarm, a guard dog, a video surveillance system, and powerful 
magic.  If you are somehow offended by this message don't feel obligated to notify 
the sender of your outrage/anger/hurt feelings.  Just delete it.  It was probably 
just a typo anyway.  Remember: don't e-mail in anger. If you are forwarding this 
message to others, stop and think, is this message really so interesting that you 
want to bother other people with it?  I mean really, is the content of this message 
so profound that it bears repeating?  The author is given to long-winded ramblings 
and everyone I know gets enough of that in their inboxes already.  Sure, he's 
handsome, funny, and a great cook (and modest to a fault), but that doesn't mean 
everyone wants to read his e-mails.

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