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Dear Mike & Peter,
I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH from your baby, the daily postings & archives on the LM_NET. 
One advantage I have had being 14 hours ahead of EST, is that you all are thinking 
while I am sleeping. There have been many times when I have been stumped at work, 
accessed the Archives and was still in need of help. I posted my questions, went 
home, and began my next day much smarter ;-))
BTW, fellow LM_Netters, Mike developed the very effective & efficient TARGET / HIT 
system on one of the earliest, and still most effective listservs.
Happy trails, Mike & Peter, 
Martin Swist
Middle School LMS
Middle School XC Coach
The American School In Japan
1-1-1 Nomizu, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
Majordomo, LM_NET Hospitality Committee
"The heart is a little to the left." (Rev.) William Sloane Coffin

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