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OK.  I've had several requests for a hit.  This is my original request:

A counselor asked me if I knew of a calendar she could access online that 
she could type her information into and then print out.  It would need to 
have each
month so she can write appointments in ahead of time.  I'm not familiar with 
anything like this, but I told her that I would ask you because collectively 
you know everything! :)  We use Groupwise for our email, and I don't know if 
the calendar in there will work like this or not.  I'll play with Groupwise 
a little, but if you know and can tell me, I would apprecitate it.

These are the responses I've received:

Here is the online calendar I use for our computer lab scheduling. It is 
simple and easy. Mine is on the library wiki for easy access, but it could 
be put anywhere.
It is a google widget. Just scroll down on the front page and it 
is there. It is easy to click on the days and add things as needed. They 
have other formats too-- daily, weekly as well as the month view.

just google search for free calendars 1 will come up

My technology guru set me up with   It is real easy to use.

I would recommend Google Calendars.  It has all these features, and it is 
easy to use and looks attractive.


Try Google Calendar


I use webcal ( for my online 
calendar. My Yahoo account also has a calendar feature.


I used to use  and was very satisfied with it


Try Google calendars-- easy to share with the rest of the family, 
colleagues, etc.

I use the calendar that's with Yahoo mail for that -- it's great and I can 
access it from any computer with internet access.  I imagine gmail and 
hotmail have similar calendars.

Groupwise does work. I however use Google Calendar because I can access it 
from anywhere and can color code person/school stuff.



      Sign up for a gmail account (free) and use google I use it and love it--keep all my and my 
husband's appointments on it and his work schedule. We both can access it 
from home or work.


      I like

      I think it has a setting so that the calendar can only be seen by the 
creator.   I've used it several years for my library calendar.  It is free 
and does provide an area for extra notes.

      I live by Google Calendar. Bet other people have already said that

      Google calendar works for me.

      My principal, administrative assistant and I are all very happy with 
Google Calendar. We really like the way it prints out and how easy it is to 
use. Also how easy it is to share you calendars with other people.

      Oh, and I really like 30 boxes too - for the same reasons:

      Does the calendar have to be online?  She could create a yearly 
calendar and add notations in Publisher.  I have done this for someone who 
wanted me to create one for the Lion's Club annual meetings and other 
activities. She could do that and then put it online if she wanted to do so.

      __________________ might work

      Doris Baker

      Sierra Middle School Librarian

      Roswell, NM

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