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Jeff wrote:

>Part of the reason the presentation bothered me so much was that I felt
>it was an out-an-out rejection of academic CONTENT rather than a
>critique of the methods employed to teach that content. And I, in turn,
>reject the notion that academics are obsolete based on the idea that the
>world is changing so fast we can't predict what content is worth

You're right.  I WAS bringing all of my pedantic optimism to the 
video--and also inferring things that weren't said about WHY the kids 
felt so disenfranchised from the learning.  It was a knee-jerk 
reaction to the horror of lecture halls where the professor is miles 
away and in his/her own little world "lecturing."  I was one of the 
lucky ones.  I had small class sizes and plenty of opportunity to 
interact (without technology) throughout college.  And that's what I 
want for today's students (WITH technology put to creative use!)

And Dawn's point is well-taken too.  Her daughter Nikki was offended 
by the apathy toward learning in the video (and its reflection on her 
real-life experience with classmates).  However, I must say that I 
hold Nikki's professors responsible, in part, for not establishing a 
non-negotiable requirement for the investment of their students in 
the educational process.

For me, it all comes down to the excitement and lasting change that a 
good education provides.  It requires a tremendous investment on the 
part of educators and an equal investment from students (and 
remember, as educators, it is WE who set the expectations for the 
students).  That student investment, I think, is more likely to come 
when we step into new teaching territory that is exciting for 
them.  I suppose it comes down to my same old song--education is, at 
all levels, meant to be about student learning and achievement.  As 
educators, we must continually ask ourselves how we are ENSURING that 


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